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PicSketch App for iPhone/iPad Creates Beautiful, Realistic Pencil Sketches From Your Photos


If you like turning your photos into elaborate pencil sketches with some additional effects for authentic looks, PicSketch for the iPhone/iPad is an app you should definitely check out.

With over 25 styles of pencil/charcoal sketches to be applied to your photos C either from your camera roll or the ones you click C PicSketch is truly one of the most comprehensive pencil sketch photo filter apps out there.

Quite obviously, shelling out $1.99 for a pencil sketching app sounds a little far-fetched. But Ive been through apps on the App Store that promise similar functionality and theres only a handful of apps specifically designed for pencil sketch filters. Most apps are larger photo editors that have pencil sketch as one of the filters amongst many others.

PicSketch is solely designed for creating almost-realistic-looking pencil sketches out of the photos in your camera roll. The trick is to apply the right set of filters for the photos, background effects and such so that you make the photos look realistically hand-sketched.

Some of the features of PicSketch include: 22 specially pencil sketch styles are available
5 styles of classic sketch effects (Include B&W Sketch, Color Sketch, etc. )
18 styles of retro sketch backgrounds

PicSketch is not just about picking a photo and applying filters to it. The devs know that you might want to crop the photo, adjust the brightness/contrast levels a bit, and resize it. All those functionalities are also built inside the app.

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can save the picture to your Camera Roll or simply share it across Mail, Message, Facebook etc.

I think youll be a little busy with all the different filters / sketch styles and more. Its not an engrossing app but it sure draws you into the various possibilities. If you pick the right picture (portraits are cool), what you end up with will be a really stunning piece of pencil sketch that looks just amazing.


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