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How to Make E-greeting Cards (Mac)


Make e-greeting cards - Thinking of someone on special days or important occasions? How do you do to let your loved one know when you miss them? Try this way. You can make e-greeting cards and merry right now, for a special occasion.

How to choose the suitable e-greeting cards? Think for a moment when people receive the e-greeting cards from you. What is the relationship with you? For what is the purpose for you to make e-greeting card for them? After having settled these things, it will be so much easier for you to pick the right electronic greeting cards for the right person. And you'll know for sure that you haven't sent hilarious electronic greeting cards to that co-worker you have never seen smiling.

How to make e-greeting cards?

There are many e-greeting card services on the internet, providing electronic greeting cards for sending on different occasions. You can also choose to make e-greeting cards on your own. Creating a unique greeting card designs is fun and easy using the e-greeting card maker - CollageFactory Pro. It is especially designed for making e-greeting cards and photo collages. With this e-greeting card maker, you can burn photos into magical electronic greeting cards, as well as stunning collages. Combine your own photos, logos, and artwork with the extensive library of background patterns and graphics to create your one-of-a-kind design. The step by step tutorial below shows you how to make e-greeting cards.

Step1. Download and install e-greeting card maker

First, you have to make sure you have installed the e-greeting card maker - CollageFactory Pro in your computer. You can either get the e-greeting card maker from here: free try e-greeting card maker - CollageFactory Pro or from the Mac App Store.

Step2. Pick a greeting card template

Start with one of the pre-made card templates. There are many events included. So you can easily make Christmas cards, Valentine's cards, New Year cards, Father's Day cards, Thanksgiving Day cards, birthday cards, and more. Pick a e-greeting card template based on what kind of electronic greeting card you are going to make.

choose an e-greeting card tempalte

Step3. Put photos and customize the e-greeting card

Drag the photo to the e greeting card, and adjust photo, like rotating, zooming. You can customize everything about them by adding, deleting, or moving graphical elements.

put photos int the e-greeting card

The e-greeting card maker provides options to customize the e e-greeting card and make it look more beautiful and personalized. You can add a simple sentence on the card. Or decorate your e-greeting card with the holiday-related embellishments to enjoy the spirit of holiday.

decorate your electronic card

Step4. Send out your electronic greeting cards

The e-greeting card maker enables to send your card by emails. Or you can print the greeting cards out. Also, send your electronic greeting cards by email or via a social network to friends and family to express your heartfelt greetings.

send out e-greeting cards

Get CollageFactory Pro here: free try e-greeting card maker - CollageFactory Pro

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