What Is New In Version 1.7 of CollageFactory Pro

It has been updated several versions since CollageFactory Pro was first released. Many amazing features, big improvements, as well as enhancements make the greeting card & collage maker more and more powerful and friendly. The developers of CollageFactory Pro has been focusing on fixing bugs and adding great functionality to provide a more professional app to Mac users.

Early this month, Softease released version 1.7 for CollageFactory Pro. What is new in version 1.7? Let us check it out one by one.

- Added 3 new Mother’s day greeting cards
– Added 3 new Father’s day greeting cards

In the past Mother’s Day, there were many Mother’s Day greeting cards made to convey the heartfelt blessing to dear moms on such special and important day. The most exciting and best gift that we receive definitely would be the big smile on mother’s face when they receive such elaborate Mother’s greeting cards from their boys and girls. Is there any thing easier than this memorial gift?

Now Father’s Day heads up on June 16th. Why not make a father’s card for your dad? Though fathers are not as gentle as mothers, there must be something can touch their hearts. Guess what is it? Yes, it is love. Some say love is the possibility for everything. Do you think so? Try to make your own special Father’s Day greeting card for the real man in our heart.

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