Thank You for Sharing Your Love Story

In the past a few days, we launched a giveaway for Mother’s Day. Both iGreetingCard and Collage Maker were given to some of our fans to make photo collages or holiday e-cards. It seems that most of people have a great day and enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day with their family. That is what we most want to hear. Since we have talked a lot about mother’s love, sometimes, we would be touched by human’s love story, deeply!

Today, I am surprised to receive an email from one of our oversea new friend, Michael. After reading the email carefully, something has filled up my eyes. Yes, it is my tear. It is about the love story, the most beautiful feeling and emotion. I can’t help to sharing this with you.

Below is quote from Michael’s letter:

I am not the kind person who always expresses my emotion and feeling to others. Most of my friends and family think I am introverted guy. Or some would say they never have seen my smile. But I know in my heart, I am a kind person.

I never speak how I am feeling and what I think. I would prefer to write down if I want to talk. So this Mother’s Day, I want to do something for my mom, being different between the common ways. I want to a bit little different.

The inspiration came from a beautiful greeting card. So I decide to make an elaborate e-card for my mom. I used iGreetingCard, because it was under a giveaway. I made couples of greeting cards and wrote down the words I want to say my mom. Then I made them into a digital photo album. Also, I print an e-card out. On the MOther’s Day, I posted a bunch of flowers and the e-card to my dear mom.

Guess what happened? My sister told me when my mom received my gift, she was cried. Of cause it was too happy to drop tears. I have never say “I love you, mom”, but all I did is because of love. Everyone has his or her own way to say love. I love to express love and feeling in my way.

I am happy that iGreetingCard can be of help for people. Thank you for your love story.


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