PicCollage – New Release Powerful Collage Maker

Want to find an easy yet powerful Mac app to convert photos into cool collages? Here comes one I would introduce you. PicCollage is a powerful and well-designed photo collage maker (retina support,which would be much better than ever.

Comes with seven collage layouts – Free, Classic, Grid, Focus, Shape, Irregular, Stitch, and a library of preset templates, it helps to start making collage quickly. You can change collage background from kinds of styles or add beautiful texts on collage. Plus, this app allows you to control your collage totally by customizing border, shadow, margin, and other amazing features. You will definitely enjoy making collage with PicCollage.

PicCollage on Mac App Store:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piccollage/id684167145?mt=12


Layouts and Templates

There are 7 templates – free, grid, classic, focus, shape, irregular and stitch – and hundreds of preset templates. The combination of these two settings allows the user endless possibilities to customize their collage layout.

Editing Functions  

You can edit collage in your own way with the powerful editing functions provided.

  • Add borders to photos
  • Adjust corner
  • Adjust border color and width
  • Apply shadow with color/blur alpha
  • Adjust shadow distance and angle
  • Adjust photo number within layout
  • Zoom in/out photo/frame
  • Exchange/shuffle photos
  • Rotate photo/frame
  • Save for further editing

Background Customization

PicCollage provides five different ways to change collage background - image, pattern, color, gradient or transparency. You can also choose any image from photo album as the background.

Multiple Text

PicCollage also gives the option to add text to your collage. It supports multi-text and you can change the font, color, size and alignment. Text effects are another way you can customize your collage. PicCollage includes the option to customize text stroke, add shadow or glow on the text.

PicCollage home page: http://www.softease.biz/piccollage.html

How to make collage

When you launch PicCollage, you are met with a screen full of templates. You select one and then import the pictures you want to put into the collage. Once those import, you can proceed by placing each picture by hand, or you can select ‘fill randomly’ to automatically import photos. Once the pictures are placed within the template, you can move them around as needed and change their size within the drop zones. After you are happy with the layout, you can modify the settings, background, text and size. Once everything is exactly how you want it, you can export to JPG, PNG or TIFF and select the quality of the image by the slider at the bottom of the page.

Why not give PicCollage a try and make your own photo collage?


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