Up to 70% off to Celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is here and Cyber Monday follows. It is time of a year that many people are waiting for. In this the fiery shopping day, everyone can play with the idea of buying things at a low price. To celebrate this enjoyable days, We Softease Tech Co., Limited, a reputable and professional photographic software company, is excited to announce the best black Friday valued promotion with up to 70% off deal for Mac users. It is something special worthy looking forward to. The promotion will valid from Black Friday to Cyber Monday that would be Nov 29th to Dec 2. Within this Black Friday promotion, anyone could get:

60% off for Photo Deluxe Bundle, saved $42;

Half priced iGreetingCard;

Only $5.99 get PicCollage with 70% off.

Go to visit: http://www.softease.biz/promotion/blackfriday.html

High-discounted for Photo Deluxe Bundle

Photo deluxe bundle packs four our hot products, including CollageFactory Pro, PhotoMagic Pro, PicSketch, and Color Splash Pro. The original price for the bundle will cost $69.96. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion, only $27 to  get all these great apps, $42 saved in total.

With CollageFactory Pro, the powerful greeting card & collage maker, it is easy to make beautiful photo cards and collage on special days. PhotoMagic Pro is a photo edit & effect app with dozens of filter, light and frame effects. PicSketch is definitely the best app for turning photo into amazing sketch. Color Splash Pro is an easy to use splashing app for converting colored photo into black and white.

Half priced iGreetingCard

Originally priced at $19.99, iGreetingCard is cut down to only $9.99. Come with a large number of templates specially designed for popular holidays and occasions, iGreetingCard enables to make personal greeting cards with photos for friends and family.

Only $6 get PicCollage with 70% off

It provides an incredible discount of 70% off for the powerful collage maker – PicCollage. Seven collage layouts – Free, Classic, Grid, Focus, Shape, Irregular, Stitch, and a library of preset templates are included, the photo collage maker allows user to combine best photos into cool collage.

Go and get them with the low promotional price. All people can get these high-discounted apps from now on. These special offers are all valid until the end of Dec 2.
For details, please visit: http://www.softease.biz

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PicCollage – New Release Powerful Collage Maker

Want to find an easy yet powerful Mac app to convert photos into cool collages? Here comes one I would introduce you. PicCollage is a powerful and well-designed photo collage maker (retina support,which would be much better than ever.

Comes with seven collage layouts – Free, Classic, Grid, Focus, Shape, Irregular, Stitch, and a library of preset templates, it helps to start making collage quickly. You can change collage background from kinds of styles or add beautiful texts on collage. Plus, this app allows you to control your collage totally by customizing border, shadow, margin, and other amazing features. You will definitely enjoy making collage with PicCollage.

PicCollage on Mac App Store:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piccollage/id684167145?mt=12


Layouts and Templates

There are 7 templates – free, grid, classic, focus, shape, irregular and stitch – and hundreds of preset templates. The combination of these two settings allows the user endless possibilities to customize their collage layout.

Editing Functions  

You can edit collage in your own way with the powerful editing functions provided.

  • Add borders to photos
  • Adjust corner
  • Adjust border color and width
  • Apply shadow with color/blur alpha
  • Adjust shadow distance and angle
  • Adjust photo number within layout
  • Zoom in/out photo/frame
  • Exchange/shuffle photos
  • Rotate photo/frame
  • Save for further editing

Background Customization

PicCollage provides five different ways to change collage background - image, pattern, color, gradient or transparency. You can also choose any image from photo album as the background.

Multiple Text

PicCollage also gives the option to add text to your collage. It supports multi-text and you can change the font, color, size and alignment. Text effects are another way you can customize your collage. PicCollage includes the option to customize text stroke, add shadow or glow on the text.

PicCollage home page: http://www.softease.biz/piccollage.html

How to make collage

When you launch PicCollage, you are met with a screen full of templates. You select one and then import the pictures you want to put into the collage. Once those import, you can proceed by placing each picture by hand, or you can select ‘fill randomly’ to automatically import photos. Once the pictures are placed within the template, you can move them around as needed and change their size within the drop zones. After you are happy with the layout, you can modify the settings, background, text and size. Once everything is exactly how you want it, you can export to JPG, PNG or TIFF and select the quality of the image by the slider at the bottom of the page.

Why not give PicCollage a try and make your own photo collage?


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Mac App of the Week – PicSketch Updated to Version 1.1

Is there any easy way to draw a pencil sketch when you are not very good at drawing? In this case, PicSketch is the best choice you can use to convert an ordinary photo into an awesome sketch in simple clicks. Designed by Softease Tech Co., Limited, PicSketch (http://www.softease.biz/picsketch.html) is for creating stunning photo sketch with specially preset sketch effects. Recently, PicSketch has been updated to version 1.1. In the new version, some amazing features were introduced.

Find PicSketch on Mac App Store here:


What is PicSektch?

PicSketch is powerful photo-sketch software which can easily turn a photo into a sketch with just a few mouse clicks. Not much of an artist? That’s OK. PicSketch will amaze you with its results. As you would expect of professional sketching software, it offers basic editing tools such as rotation, contrast and brightness adjustment, and the ability to change the photo’s background. You can even choose pencil sketch effects from the preset pencil drawing styles. In a word, you can totally personalize your sketch.

First photo sketch app featured by Mac App Store

PicSketch first debuted on Mac App Store on July 24, 2013. In a short time, it ranked as top 10 in Photography. It is the first photo sketch app featured on the board New and Noteworthy. What is more, in the following weeks, it is recommended as Hot app. That is exciting news.

Yet, with the new version released, PicSketh is largely promotional in the banners on Mac App Store. You can find the Mac app of the week when you open and store.

What is new in version 1.1?

You can download PicSketch and try out the easy to use photo sketch app. Turn your own photo into artistic sketch. You will be impressive by the result.

- New added 7 preset sketch effects.

- New added 3 background images.

- Fixed the crash problem if loading photos too many times.

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Special Offer for Father’s Day – Make a Gift for Father

Year of Father’s Day is again around the corner. Want a special and thoughtful gift for this Father’s Day 2013? You won’t want to miss out the special deal launched by Softease. Super bundles for both Mac and Windows users are included in the Father’s Day promotion. Also, $5 coupon can be used to buy Softease hot products.

We know this is an important day to express our gratitude to our dads. Looking back the growing way, father is always the one who gives our stable support and care, though sometimes love from such a strong man is always as silent as a river. So on the Father’s Day, give us a great chance to enjoy a good time with dads and tell them how much we love them. With Softease deal, you won’t need any other back up whilst your Dad is on the move.

Super bundles to celebrate Father’s Day

1. CollageFactory Pro (http://www.softease.biz/collagefactory.html) + PhotoMagic Pro (http://www.softease.biz/photomagic.html) = $29.99

CollageFactory Pro is a combination for iGreetingCard and Collage Maker, featuring all the capabilities of the two software. So you can not only make greeting cards for holidays and occasions, but create photo collages with your own photos.

PhotoMagic Pro is a powerful photo editing software with fancy filter, light and frame effects, especially in the latest version 1.5, more stunning features have been included, such as multi-text, photo adjust tool – bright, contrast, saturation, vignette, exposure, sharpen, noise, and more. Only $29.99, you can get both CollageFactory Pro and PhotoMagic Pro. That means you buy CollageFactory Pro at its original price and get PhotoMagic pro for free.

2.  iGreetingCard + PhotoMagic = $19.99

This bundle is both for Mac and Windows users. With the bundle, you can make photo greeting card for Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and more. Also, you are able to quickly enhance photos with cool filter and effect, or other magical photo effect with PhotoMagic.

$5 coupon code – MER-45K2D46X6H to buy hot products

Besides the bundles, Softease set a $5 coupon for those who want to purchase hot products, including CollageFactory Pro, iGreetingCard, PhotoMagic and Collage Maker.

How to use Coupon?

Click the Buy button and access to the payment page, put the coupon code – MER-45K2D46X6H at the bottom. And then update cart, the corresponding price will drop $5.

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What Is New In Version 1.7 of CollageFactory Pro

It has been updated several versions since CollageFactory Pro was first released. Many amazing features, big improvements, as well as enhancements make the greeting card & collage maker more and more powerful and friendly. The developers of CollageFactory Pro has been focusing on fixing bugs and adding great functionality to provide a more professional app to Mac users.

Early this month, Softease released version 1.7 for CollageFactory Pro. What is new in version 1.7? Let us check it out one by one.

- Added 3 new Mother’s day greeting cards
– Added 3 new Father’s day greeting cards

In the past Mother’s Day, there were many Mother’s Day greeting cards made to convey the heartfelt blessing to dear moms on such special and important day. The most exciting and best gift that we receive definitely would be the big smile on mother’s face when they receive such elaborate Mother’s greeting cards from their boys and girls. Is there any thing easier than this memorial gift?

Now Father’s Day heads up on June 16th. Why not make a father’s card for your dad? Though fathers are not as gentle as mothers, there must be something can touch their hearts. Guess what is it? Yes, it is love. Some say love is the possibility for everything. Do you think so? Try to make your own special Father’s Day greeting card for the real man in our heart.

Download CollageFactory Pro

Purchase CollageFactory Pro

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Top 10 Pictures That Shocked The World

It has often been said throughout time that a picture is worth a thousand words. Any picture may be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare photos tell more than a thousand words. That is why crazy photographers insist doing one thing – to capture the most beautiful and thoughtful photos. Nice photos can tell a powerful story, a story poignant enough to change the world and galvanize each of us. Over and over again…

I believe there are must something that hold your breath and surprise you. Here is my top 10 list of photos that shocked the world. It’s impossible to include all of the best photos in one gallery, but these image offer a fantastic glimpse of such beautiful world in pictures.

10. Obama Jokingly Mimics U.S

9. Sailing On The Wave

8. Einstein With His Tongue Out

7. After the Storm

6. Sunset Cloud

5. The Kiss

4. The Girl On The Beach

3.  Tornado Is Coming

2. The Moment Penguin Dives In A Pool

1. Life In The Water

What are your top 10 pictures?

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Give Away Collage Maker to Celebrate Mother’s Day

In order to celebrate the coming Mother’s Day, Softease Technologies gives away Collage Maker for Mac from May 11 to 13. Besides, special offers are also included. Up to 50% off for CollageFactory Pro, PhotoMagic and iGreetingCard.

Once again time of the year, an important event is approaching. Mother’s Day is a special day to express how we love dear moms to give something back to mothers. What is your gift for mom? Have any idea in mind to spend such special day? You may wonder what on earth the best gift for mom. Here Softease prepares some incredible gift to celebrate the coming mother’s day.

Gift 1. Give away Collage Maker for Mac

Collage Maker is an app for making photo collages. Making photo collage can’t be easier! You just need to choose a collage style, drag your photos. Only seconds, a cool photo collage is done! Collage Maker provides 6 different collage styles to make your own collage at wish.

Now it is free to get this amazing app. Anyone can go to the giveaway page and then enter your email address to get pro license.

Gift 2. 50% off, only $9.99 for iGreetingCard and PhotoMagic

In the 2013 mother’s day deal, it also embraces some marvelous hot products. Both Mac and Windows version are included in the promotion.

GreetingCard is a great greeting card maker for making adorable holiday and event cards. It is a nice traditional to make mother’s greeting cards to make best wishes for moms on her day.


Come with a rich library of filter and light effects, as well as stylish frames, PhotoMagic is an excellent photo editing application. You can simply apply cool effects on photo and turn photo into magic art work.


Gift 3. 50% off, powerful CollageFactory Pro drops from $29.99 to $14.99

Gifts for mom also features the powerful collage & greeting card maker, CollageFactory Pro. As a blend of mac photo collage maker and greeting card maker, CollageFactory has lots of templates that will transform photos into amazing collage or magical greeting card. Also, it is a nice choice to make scrapbook, poster and more.


Now can’t you say you have no idea what gift to give your dear mom? Turn all the sweet and unforgettable family moments into beautiful mother’s cards or photo collage. Your mom must be surprised by such meaningful gift.

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CollageFactory Pro Review for Softpedia – Simple Yet Powerful Photo Collage and Greeting Card Creator

We posted an article about a month ago. It is a review from AppStorm – Creating Beautiful Collages with CollageFactory Pro. In that review, the editor precisely described how to use CollageFactory Pro to make greeting cards for events and turn photos into stunning collages. Also, it compared the pros and crops come with the greeting & collage maker, which proved the review was totally producted by the third party, not Softease.

Days after the review of CollageFactory Pro from AppStorm, we Softease received another great review from Softpedia, one of the most influential and famous technology & resource website, which provides thousands of great software for downloading and give some of excellent software reviews.  Here is fragment I extract from the review:

CollageFactory Pro provides many styles and templates for effortlessly creating beautiful collages / greeting cards via an easy-to-use user interface. You can seamlessly manipulate pictures through drag-and-drop and by using basic editing options.

CollageFactory Pro features a straightforward user interface divided into four main areas: the upper toolbar, the image browsing pane, the collage area and the options pane.

For more detailed review, you can go and visit here

If you want to make greeting card and collage for free, you can try the free version of CollageFactory Express, which is totally free with most of the pro functions.

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What Is the Most Beautiful View in Your Eyes?

When asked what is the most beautiful view you have ever seen? I deem the answers from different people are various. Everyone views beauty in different ways and what one person considers being beautiful may be completely different to how other people view it. Yet there is one thing in common. Those beautiful views give you a wonderful and unique experience, which always remind you of the happy and unforgettable moments in life with your friends, family, partners, even the strangers.

What is the most beautiful view?

After doing a research, I summarize three things that most people agree as the most beautiful views. If there are something you like not mentioned below, you can make supplements.

No1. Natural scenery

When comes to the beautiful views in the world, people think of the natural sceneries. These beautiful places from all around the world are, in their own right, beautiful. So people always go out and travel to all over the world. They explore and adventure. That must be an exciting trip which help them find the meaning of life and courage them to face every difficulty. When immersing and relaxing themselves in those fascinating natural sceneries, nothing is important than enjoying yourself.

 No2. Modern city

Yes, we live in a modern city which provides us a more convenient life. The history of modern city must be long and hard. With the development of technology and civilization, we can create a funny life. Many incredible and amazing architectures were built. That must be a really wonderful experience when you stand and look over at the city in the highest building at night. You feel like you are having a nice dream.

No3. Great little moments

The older I become, the more I feel it’s important to enjoy the simple things in life, to experience each moment as fully as sensually as we can. So, I got to thinking about some of the things that bring a smile to my face and warm waves of gratitude inside. So it makes sense why people choose the great little moments as one of the most beautiful views. It can be a bright smile from friends or strangers when you are lost. It can be a picture an old couples walk down the street hand in hand. It can be some simple pictures, but they give people thoughtful ideas and inspirations.

So, what is your most beautiful view? We appreciate we are living in such peace and beautiful world. Cherish your special experience. Here you can also turn those beautiful views into amazing photo greeting cards and cool collages with a free collage & card maker – CollageFactory Express

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Five Ways to Take a Great Shot

Ken Rockwell once said “Photography is the power of observation, not the application of technology.” Yes, it is true. Photography is art and it’s abstract. Therefore it’s difficult for many people to grasp. However, there are some ways to help you take a great shot. Do you want to sharpen your creative picture taking instincts? Do you want to combine new ideas with your current projects and techniques? Here I list five ways to capture a sparking photograph.

Choose suitable camera

Although many people would say your camera or digital portable devices have nothing to do with making great shot. That is right. Your camera does not matter. But, as the old saying goes, “one can’t make bricks without straw”. A good camera is the basic thing. Beyond that, you are your cameras best viewfinder!


Own The Frame

How many good shots had to be cropped just to get half a person out of the frame?  Element on the border of the frame tent to draw attention. Clearing the edges of the frame is called owning the frame. Grab people’s attention to objects in the view that you want to highlight.


A good photo is knowing where to stand. Have a clear idea in mind that what you want to tell people when they see the photograph. Or express what your think and via a static picture. Explore your surroundings and take multiple shots from various angles. Look for vantage points that capitalize on the best available light, ones that have the least.


Patience is another important factor to take a great shot.  You can’t be on a schedule. You have to go out, look around and wait for the light and inspiration. Many great shots are made only after years of observing a subject, learning when it looks best, and returning to photograph it at its most spectacular. This is how real photographers make anything look extraordinary.


I think the last but not least point for an amazing photograph is your passion for photography. It will keep you to find the beautiful views in the world. Photography is communicating passion and sparking excitement in the mind and body of another person. Also it is the art of communicating passion. You need to be passionate about whatever it is that you photograph. If you are passionate you’ll get great results, if you don’t care, you won’t.

You can use the great shots to make photo collagealbum or greeting cardfor friends and family members. It is a good way to show your art of work.

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