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Creating Beautiful Collages with CollageFactory Pro



Here at Envato, we try to encourage all kinds of creativity. From web design to video effects, Envato has most of it covered. What about crafts like collages and scrapbooking, though?
If you are into that kind of creative endeavors, today we have a nice app that you may be interested in. This app known as CollageFactory Pro will get you started with creating collages and greeting cards with ease. Follow us after the break to find out what we think about it.

CollageFactory Pro Overview

CollageFactory Pro is all about creating scrapbooks, posters, greeting cards, and collages with ease. With over 100 greeting card templates, over 50 collage templates, and a easy-to-use editing tools, you can start creating elaborate designs without ever needing to rely on any other application.

When creating cards, you have the ability to drop some stylized frames, maskable objects, and clipart to your project which allows you to customize your card even more. Of course you can always Google up something you can't find and drag it onto your canvas and you'll be set, but it is nice to have these bits available.

Crafting with CollageFactory Pro

If you've ever used Comic Life or any app like it, you will feel right at home with CollageFactory Pro; things are really straight forward and there is really nothing complex to worry about. If you need to move an item, simply click on it and drag it - yup, that is as difficult as it'll get.

With CollageFactory Pro you can add text, customize your art's background, mask photos, and randomize image location or tiles, but what makes CollageFactory Pro more practical is the ability to edit a tile's attributes. Things like borders, margins, and shadows can all be edited, so you will never be restricted to a certain template - and why should you be, it is all about creating something you want to be proud of, something that you yourself created.

These options are good to have as they give you more control over your projects, but in some areas, CollageFactory Pro just doesn't deliver. For example, when you are picking styles for your text, the selection you have is rather short and not very appealing. Some styles are so ugly you will probably never use them, so the overall number of available styles becomes even less.

If you are planning on printing your projects, CollageFactory Pro has an easy way to input custom sizes; with that said, there is no PPI options available. There is also a lack of variety in the ways you can export your projects. With Twitter and Facebook integrated into OS X, you'd imagine at least these would make an appearance with some kind of quick-sharing button.

CollageFactory Pro Drawbacks

When making a purchase of over 20 dollars, you probably want to make sure it isn't a complete waste of money. Unlike a lot of 99 cents applications, CollageFactory Pro actually costs a bit of money, and this really makes you think.

For what it is, this app is wonderful at what it does, and not only that, but it is simple and easy to use, so kids can use it, your mother or sister can use it, and probably the whole family can get use to making cool elaborate greeting cards.
On the flip side, if you are a Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign ninja, you really don't need this application whatsoever. Granted, if you just want to hop in and do something simple, sure, why not, but if you know how to use the applications named above, you will have much more control over your projects.


CollageFactory Pro can be really fun and essential for someone who enjoys making greeting cards, collages and scrapbooks. The fact that you can get this app and know how to use it by just playing around with it for a few seconds makes it the perfect family app, too.

At its price point, however, it really depends on how many times a week or a month - or a year - you will use this application. If you want a solid piece of software that you can create cool crafts with, this is your app. If you are going to use this for every other Christmas or Mothers Day, you are probably not going to want this as much.

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