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Valentine's eCard Maker Makes Valentine's Special


Feb 14, 2012 - Valentine's Day is here! What is your best choice to spend this day with your significant? Valentine's eCard Maker helps you to make an individual and special gift for someone you love.

Do you have a moment that you feel you are lucky enough to meet someone in your life? Do you think you are definitely happy to be with a person?

If you say yes, then congratulation! You must have found your Mr Right or lucky girl. Here Valentine's Day is coming soon. It is a great and specious time to tell your lover how you value the relationship of your two. Besides, Valentine's Day is existed for people in relation to have a chance to convey how important she or he means.

If you are sticking out to find some special and personalized gift that can present your deep love, you can take seriously Valentine's eCard Maker into consideration.

Valentine's eCard Maker is specially designed for Valentine's Day with a great number of Valentine-basis templates. It provides an easy way to create beautiful e-cards. With a few clicks, you can make your own Valentine's cards.
Link to Valentine's eCard Maker:

Key features are included as below:

- 21 unique Valentine's Day templates
- Add individual text or description on eCards;
- Edit the number of frames as many as you like;
- Add mask effects;
- Save as project for reediting next time;
- Import photos from iPhoto Library
- Save as image formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF for wallpaper etc;
- Send via Email - send your heartfelt blessing to your friends or family;

You do not have to be a professional designer when you are making the e-cards with Valentine's eCard Maker.

Only threes steps, a cool and gorgeous valentine's card is done. First, run Valentine's eCard Maker and pick a style from the great collection of pre-made templates. Second, open your photo folder list and drag the photos you want to make greeting card. Third, print out directly or save in image as TIFF, JPGE, PNG.

Of cause, you can customize your greeting card with some fantastic effects to make it look more stylish and attractive. Valentine's eCard Maker allows users to put their own thoughts to the greeting cards. Little and funny elements can decorate your valentine's card. You can add different frames to place more photos on your cards. More importantly, Valentine's eCard Maker is available to write text. So write some sweet and beautiful words on the card.

Everyone is happy to receive such unexpected cards on Valentine's Day, especially from the one he or she fall in love. If you want to tell your girlfriend (boyfriend) how much you love her (him), make a special valentine's card with your love. It is the best way to convey your strong emotion!


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