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PhotoMagic Is Available to Enhance and Improve Photo


August 10, 2012 - Want to have attractive and adorable photo? Enhance and improve photos with gorgeous photographic and filter effects? Check PhotoMagic ! It's a fantastic app to magically enhance photos in easy but cool ways!

Taking photos is a great way to record wonderful times and memorize meaningful moments, plus have great fun as well. But most time people want much more. People want to have great photos, want to show different on photos and want to have various photographic styles. While not everyone has a good knowledge on Photoshop, actually majority need a working way to do photo enhancement in a quick way. Searched around and didn't find a satisfactory one? Check PhotoMagic! PhotoMagic is exactly such an app to meet major photo improvement requirements!

Photomagic is an easy-to-use but powerful photographic app to do photo enhancement work with exceptional well-designed filter effects, color effects and frame & border styles. It's a new app developed by Softease, who enjoys a good reputation in the photographic and design software industry! Though PhotoMagic does not have long history, it does enjoy great reviews from the first batch of testers and customers.

On PhotoMagic, the interface is really artistic and friendly, insuring an easy navigation and operation. The key feature of PhotoMagic is luxurious photographic effects and styles, from classic to modern styles! So no matter for professional photographers or amateurs, anyone can enhance and improve photos and make photos totally fascinating and charming, magically beyond imaginations. The following words are going to show magic photo effects of PhotoMagic.

Photomagic boasts plentiful attractive and exclusive photo editing sources, including color effects, filter effects, lens effects lighting effects and frames styles. Totally more than one hundred extraordinarily modified filter effects and stylized lens flares on PhotoMagic, including Charcoal, Blur, Glow, Color Dream, Hue, Color Lenses, Color Blur and etc. These effects help users give photos a sense of nostalgia, highlight photos in a shinning and special way; render photos with fascinating and unique looks, and much more.

Lighting effects is a must-to-check feature on PhotoMagic. So many exclusively designed color effects and color streamers plus natural color effects, black & white and etc. With insanely amazing lighting effects, photos will be magically turned into images only find on fairyland, from elegant retro-styles to creative modern artistic effects!

Well-designed frames are undoubted a necessary feature to improve and edit photos, and PhotoMagic brings more than that. Different styles of frames and borders from classic to modern styles, plus even exotic elements! To make photos look much more attractive, charming and adorable; and highlight personalized, stunning and dazzling photographic styles.

Of course basic photo enhancement functions are built in PhotoMgaic. Users can crop, rotate and even flip photos in all directions based on their preferences. Apply preset photo effects by categories or randomly edit photos by lens effects, filter effects and borders, and then compare photos before and after enhancement status side-by-side. Plus share on social sites like Facebook and Flickr with friends is absolutely ready.

PhotoMagic is truly the most fantastic app to magically edit and improve photo quality. Plus it's so easy to use but have so much fun!

PhotoMagic on Mac App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photomagic/id535464794?mt=12

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