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New Collage Maker, New Experience!


March 15, 2012 -- Recently, Softease Technology has released an update for Collage Maker along with some incredible enhancements. With Collage Maker 2.1, it becomes much easier and interesting to turn normal photos into stunning collages. Besides, with the new features, you can share your fun in making collage on Facebook and Flickr directly, telling your friends and classmates what you are doing and how creative you can be.

Free download Collae Maker and make photo collage by yourself.

As we all know, Facebook plays an important role in our daily life, helping people know what is happening outsides and the world around us. More importantly, it provides people a relatively private room in which they can express how they feel, complain something annoy them at work, communicate with their friends or people from all over the world, exchange opinions about the current activities and affairs.

A large number of people would rather share their personal feelings and anecdotes by writing something down or posting photos, so that event though those who haven't got in touch for a long time would know how he/she is going. To a large extent, Facebook is a place in which people can edit their information or subscribe what they are interest.

If you are the person who wants to display something special on Facebook, just make unique and stunning collages. Collage Maker would be your best assistance to make beautiful collages. Besides, it provides users a convenient way to share prominent artwork to Facebook the first time.

Check Collage Maker on Mac App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/collage-maker/id434548368?mt=12
It is also a good way to share your beautiful collages on Flickr, one of the most popular photo sharing community on the web. Show people your creativity and happiness.

If you just post your digital photos on Facebook or Flickr without any particular feature, then they would be a little attractive. How to make photos look special so that you can impress people and let them love what you post from the first sight? Collage Maker would be of great favour for you. Make collages for your photos. You can turn any normal photos into shinning and personalized collages with couples of templates, such as grid, heart, classic, focus, free, circular.

Adding some words on the collage or quotes to make a short description or make a wish would make your collages more attractive. Change the background with color or image at wish. Of cause, you are not limited to these features to make your awesome collages. You still can do more to the collages; such add shadow, rotate photos and so on.

After you finish the collages, share them on Facebook and Flickr directly. Collage Maker 2.1 allows users post their artwork on the Facebook at the first moment.

Now it is your turn to make your own collages with Collage Maker. Have fun to make collages and share them on social websites.

Collaeg Maker also available on Mac App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/collage-maker/id434548368?mt=12


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