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Color Splash Pro Is Released to Splash Color on Photo


January 10, 2013 - Color Splash Pro, an easy to use app running on Mac, is special designed for splash of color by converting photos into grayscale. Nowadays, Softease releases this cool software for people to splash color on photo. One day after debuted on App Store, Color Splash Pro ranked as the second one in Top free photography apps.

Color Splash Pro is available on Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/color-splash-pro/id590332338?mt=12

There are many ways to help you reach your goal when you want to do something, while in the past you have to do much more comprehensive and difficult things. For example, when comes to retouching photo, people would always think this is the professional skill that requires special expertise. The powerful photo editing software, PhotoShop is known to be a great tool to turn photo into amazing art work.

However, most people have to learn a while to master how this photo editing software works. Is it there any easier and fast way to help turn photo cool if you just want to splash color? Or want to splash of color to black & white? Off course! That is why modern technology exists. Modern life is becoming much more convenient and easier with the advanced technology.

What is Color Splash Pro?

Color Splash Pro is designed to make people life easy and funny.  With Color Splash Pro you can splash of color effortlessly. Only couples of clicks, a normal photo can be tuned to black & white, or with specific parts of photo colored, while leaving others grayscale. You will find your photo immediately becomes vibrant when you highlight the certain objective with color when contrast to others.

Go and visit Color Splash Pro: http://www.softease.biz/color-splash-pro.html

Download Color Splash Pro here: download Color Splash Pro

When you want to emphasize specific objects, you can splash color on them and turn the left parts grayscale. The areas splash of color are compared to the gray ones, that would be give people a strong visual affect. It is quite easy to impress and grab people's attention.

Key Features:
- Automatic turn photo into grayscale
- Splash color in rectangle, ellipse or brush
- Splash back specific parts to grayscale
- Adjust brush size
- Zoom in / out photo
- Compare original and splashed photo
- Export photo in JPG / PNG / TIFF formats

Color Splash Online Help

Color Splash Pro won't occupy too much your computer space, as it weighs only 0.7 MB. Grab and have it to make splash of color and turn your photos into cool masterpiece. Once you finish your photo splash, just share it to your friends and family.

About Softease

Softease Softwarefounded in 2009, is specialized in Graphic software based on Windows, Mac OS and iOS. We have a team of excellent developers who commit themselves to researching and perfecting the products. All staff in Softease will keep pushing the work forward to provide useful and excellent software.


website: http://www.softease.biz

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