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Color Splash Pro Drops to $0.99 - Bring Life to Your Photo by Splashing Color


Mar 27, 2013 - Do you want a magic pencil that will allow you to draw beautiful picture, even though you have not much knowledge on drawing? Here Color Splash Pro is the "pen" you want to color and make dramatic changes for your photo. Only $0.99 now you can get this easy to use mac app to splash photo. Softease Tech Co., Limited drops its price from $3.99 to 0.99, with a 75% off.

What Color Splash Pro Is?

Color Splash Pro is a cool photo app to help you quickly create cool photos by converting them to black and white, while leaving the interesting areas in color. With Color Splash Pro, it is quite easy and fun to splash photo and turn photo into black and white to keep the specific parts in full color. The best thing about Color Splash Pro is its ability to save the photos in full resolution so that they simply look stunning and keep all the details.

What Color Splash Pro can do?

This color effects app allows you to make some very dramatic changes to your photos for the current $0.99 price tag. The software uses a process called desaturation to convert your photos to black and white while letting you leave behind color in select details. The results are stunning. You can highlight the area you want to emphasize and grab the people's attention. It is fun to provide amazing image results, which will totally bring vivid life to a normal photo.

Features of Color Splash Pro

- Automatic turn photo into black and white
- Splash color in rectangle, ellipse or brush
- Splash back specific parts to grayscale
- Adjust brush size 
- Zoom in / out photo 
- Compare original and splashed photo
- Export photo in JPG / PNG / TIFF formats

Use this color effects app to splash photo and create your own artwork. You can adjust the brush size when you turn photo into black and white. There are two painting modes you can choose, one is color and another is grayscale mode, which mean you can remove color from the photo when it is in the color mode or you can choose to splash photo in the original color if you first turn photo into black and white.

Color Splash Pro provides some basic photo editing tools, such as pan, zoom in / out, undo / redo, compare. You can freely splash photo in a simple way. All you need to do is splash selected parts of your photo by keeping those areas in full color and converting the rest of the photo to black and white.


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