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How to Use Pic Collage


How to use pic collage - Making collage for photos is a great way to show your creativity by turning photos in different shapes. We all like to take photos with digital devices. As a result, it occupies more and more storage for photo keeping. By creating photo collage, it is also a simple method to keep this meaningful and wonderful moment in memory, releasing your computer space.

How do I make a collage on Mac?

Here comes a great collage photo maker - PicCollage. With the collage app, you are allowed to make compelling photo collage in the style you want. It is no more a problem when asked how to make a collage on Mac. Within seconds, you can learn how to use PicCollage and make your own photo collage.

How to use PicCollage and make a collage

If you are not so well familar with PicCollage, take a look at the below steps on how to use PicCollage for making a collage.

Step1. Download Collage Photo Maker

First download the demo of PicCollage here. And then click to run the collage photo maker. download collage picture maker - PicCollage

Step2. Decide a collage style and select template

When access to PicCollage, you are provided 7 collage styles, including Free, Grid, Classic, Heart, Focus, Shape, Irregular and Stitch collage. Each of collage style brings a lot of pre-set templates. Select one and go forward to the next step.

choose a collage template

You can easily change the collage style among the 7 whenever you want by click "change collage template".

Step3. Add photos

Click "add photo to PicCollage" at the left bottom to browse your image file and select photos. Instantly, photos will be displayed at thumbnails. You can also import photos from iPhoto. Choose "Import Photos", browse "MEDIA -> Photos".

add photos to collage

Drag and drop photos to fill the blank frames. The collage photo maker allows you to place photos randomly in a quick way by clicking "fill photo at randomly to collage photo editor".

Step4. Customize collage

Powerful editing tools are available to edit your photo collage.

You can expect all editing functions, like zoom, rotate, drag, add photo, exchange photo order, shuffle photo / layout, change photo border, add shadow. What is even more, you can add text (multiple texts) on collage. It is up to your choice to customize text from color, size, font to pre-set style.

Add text on collage:

add text for collage

Change photo borders:

I want to specifically introduce the feature - background collage on Mac. The collage photo maker enables to change collage background with the following options: Image, Pattern, Color, Gradient and Transparent.

Bakcground collage on Mac:

background collage on mac

Step5. Save collage

The last step to use PicCollage for making collage is to save your collage. You can either save it in formats: JPG, PNG and TIFF, or print out.

Now is your turn to make a collage with the easy yet powerful collage photo maker - PicCollage download collage picture maker - PicCollage

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