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How to Use PhotoMagic to Enhance a Picture on Mac


Enhance a picture - Nowadays people would like to use picture enhance to beautify or add charming effects to make photo look dreamlike and attractive. Yet, many people would come up with one of the most famous photo editors, Photoshop. But to completely mask how Photoshop works, I must say, undoubtedly is not an easy job, especially for those amateurs.

So if you just want to enhance your photo by adding filter effect, lighting effect, Photoshop may not is the best choice. Is there any picture enhancer to help you do that in a simple way? The answer is "yes". PhotoMagic is specially designed to help enhance a picture in an easy way. Almost every beginner can master to enhance photo in a few steps.

How to enhance a picture?

Free download the picture enhancer - PhotoMagic and then install in your computer. free download photomagic

Below I will take you to experience how to use PhotoMagic to enhance a picture.

Step1. Choose the picture to make effect

Click the button at the left bottom "add a photo" to browse your image file and then load one to the PhotoMagic interface.

choose a photo

Step2. Enhance your photo with fantastic effects

a). When you load the photo, you will find on the right side, various filter effects are applied to the photo. You can try one by one and see the effect at the left side. Apply amazing filter effect to enhance your photo.

apply filter effect

b). Click "lighting effect" and apply lighting effect for photo. There is a quite a large number of effect designed in the catalogue. Pick one to decorate photo.

apply lighting effect

c). Add photo frame for photo. Swift to "filter effect", choose a frame from the library.

add a frame

Step3. Save, print or share your masterpiece

Once you are satisfied with your photo, you can save it as image formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG. If you have a printer, print out and frame it, and then put on your desk. Also, the picture enhancer makes it possible to share on your Facebook and Flickr with the built-in function.

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