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How to Make a Photo Look Old


Make a photo look old - There may be a time when you want to make a photo look old. Giving a photo the old and weathered look is pretty popular these days. Yet, how to enhance your picture and make it into a retro style?

The first thing that comes up to your mind would be the comprehensive photo retouching software - Photoshop. You may be told that to make photo vintage or other photo effects with this software requires a little bit computer skill or photography experience.

Is there any easy way to enhance your picture in simple clicks? PhotoMagic is here right for you, which is designed to turn photo into many magical effects, such as radial blur, noise, sketch and more. With PhotoMagic, you can make photo vintage, enhance your picture by changing color or adding lighting effect.

In this short instructional article, you can learn how to make a photo look old in a few steps with PhotoMagic.

Step1. Free download PhotoMagic

To get started photo retouching, you should make sure to have PhotoMagic installed in your computer. Free download PhotoMagic for Windows here. If you are using a Mac, here is Mac version for Mac. Get Mac verions

Step2. Launch PhotoMagic and begin to enhance your picture

Once you run the app, you can directly double-click the main window to load photo. Or, you can drag and drop the photo you wish to make vintage effect from any file. Also, you can click "load photo" to open image.

Step3. Add filter effect to make photo look old

It is the most import step to make photo vintage. In the filter column, choose the effect which most close to the old photo. Once you apply the vintage effect, you can immediately see how it looks in the main windows.

make a photo look old - add filter effect

Step4. Apply light effect to enhance your picture

Swift the tab to "Light", drag the slide and pick one for your photo as following. It will retouch photo with background to old photo.

make photo vintage - apply light effect

Step5. Add frame and finish photo retouching

Choose a frame for your photo. By right here means you have finished making a photo look old. Save it and share with your friends.

photo retouching - add photo frame

See how easy to make photo vintage. With PhotoMagic, you can also enhance your picture with other photo retouching effects. Do it right now, you will love this easy to use software.

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