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How to Enhance Picture in an Easy Way (Mac)


Enhance Picture in an Easy way - If you think it is a technique job to when comes to picture enhancement, I would assume the simple point that you don't find the right way. Every time when see a beautiful and attractive photo, you would think that how I can enhance my photos in that way.
Now, all you need is a photo enhancement software, like PhotoMagic. There are so many similar picture enhancement tools out there. But I deem PhotoMagic is the simplest among them.

How to enhance picture with PhotoMagic?

It is designed to help enhance picture with some stunning effects. If you are not quite clear to use PhotoMagic. Here is a short user guide.

Before we begin the picture enhancement tour, please free download the photo enhancement software here: free download photo enhancement software

Step1. Install PhotoMagic and launch it

When you download the photo enhancement software, just run it and access the interface.


Step2. Drag and drop photo onto PhotoMagic

There are two ways provided to load a picture to the photo enhancement software. One is to click "" and open the image from image document and another is directly to drag and drop photo from desktop or any image file.


Step3. Adjust photo before picture enhancement

The photo enhancement software allows to adjust photo by cropping, rotating and flipping. For example, if you crop photo, click "crop photo before photo enhancement". You can see there is selected box onto the photo, drag the selecting box to the perfect site. And then click "OK".
By rotating photo, click "rotate photo". If you want to flip photo, simply click "filp photo"

Crop photo:

crop photo


Step4. Apply effects on photo

On the right column, you can see three button listed there. "filter effect" is for filter effect. "light effect" is for lighting effect and "frame" is to adding frame for photo. When you click the corresponding option, you can preview the effect in thumbnails. Click the one you like to enhance picture.

Filter effect:


Step5. Save photo or share with friends

If you feel good for the picture enhancement, you can save it and share with your friends. There are three ways provided to export out photo. Save "save photo", Print "print photo", or share on Facebook and Flickr "share photo".

Have you got the tips to enhance picture this photo enhancement software? Check the PhotoMagic out and make your own artwork right now.

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