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How to Enhance Photo Effect - Retouch Photo


Enhance photo effect - We would like to capture all the beautiful moments in life to preserve happy memories. Most of us are not the professional photographers, so we just take photos for spectacular views, family activities, parties or any other events and occasions. Do you want to enhance photo effect or retouch photo to make it look attractive and amazing?

With the photo editing app - PhotoMagic, you can retouch photo with magical effects. You can make old photo, add snow effect on photo or convert photo to black and white, and more. All you need is to use your creativity to enhance photo effect in your special way.

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How to enhance photo effect?

Follow the steps below, you will learn how to use the photo editing app to retouch photo and enhance photo effect.

Step1. Add photo to photo editing app

Launch PhotoMagic after install the photo editing app. Then add photo by double-click the main interface to open your photo album. Choose the one you want to edit.

add photo

Step2. Apply filter effect to adjust photo brightness

When comes to adjust photo brightness, people would think it is the business of PhotoShop, the powerful photo retouch software. Yet, PhotoMagic also features filter effects that allows to adjust photo brightness. What's more, you can change the color of light.

retouch photo - apply filter effect on photo

Step3. Enhance photo effect - light effect

Think about what you want to express on this photo. There are quite a lot of light effects available. You can enhance photo effect with fire, snow, charming lights, and more. Pick one and apply it to photo.

enhance photo effect - add light effect


You can also swift to tab "Frame" and add your favorite frame to photo. The photo editing app includes 90+ well-designed frames.

enhance photo effect - add frame

Step4. Print / save / share photo out

When you are content with photo, you can print it out. In mac version, you can save it in JPG, TIFF and PNG, while in windows version, you can also save as BMP and GIF formats. Currently, only Mac version supports in-app sharing. You can easily share your finished photo on Facebook, Flick.

print photo

That are the 4 steps to retouch photo and enhance photo effect. Got it? With the photo editing app, you can do more than adjust photo brightness. Enhance photo effect right now!

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