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How to Make Color Splash Effect on Photo


How to add snow effect - Sometimes, we wish we can capture the beautiful views, especially the splendid natural scenery.? Yet, for some reasons, we can only preserve the spectacular views in our minds. Most of us want to obtain super ability or magic tool to enhance photo effect and turn ordinary photos into amazing artwork. Here with a great photo editing software - PhotoMagic which helps add photo effect and enhance photo effect in an artist way.

Before I begin today's topic, I'd like to ask some questions. Do you like take photos in a snowing day? Or do you like add photo with snow effect? If your answers are yes, now I will teach you how to add snow effect with the photo editing software. We're going to be adding falling snow effect to a photo.

How to add snow effect?

First, you need to install the photo editing software in your computer. For Mac user, click here to download PhotoMagic for Mac download photomagic for mac. If you are using a window, download the PhotoMagic for Windows here free trial photomagic for windows.

Step1. Launch the photo editing software and add photo

Click the icon "photo editing software" and launch the photo editing software. Double-click the main interface to access photo album. Choose the photo you want to add photo effect. Immediately, the photo will be automatically uploaded.

add photo effect

Step2. Edit photo

The photo editing software features basic editing tools, such as crop, rotate, flip. You can freely crop photo in specific size. Click the "crop photo", you can choose the pre-set size proportions and directly apply to photo. Also, you can customize it by drag the box around the photo. Then click "enhance photo effect" to confirm the result.

add photo effect

Step3. Enhance photo effect - add photo effect

The photo editing software pre-designed the snow effect in the light effect. So click "light effect" and choose snow effect and add photo effect to photo. Obviously, it enhances photo effect.

add snow effect

It is the fastest way to add snow effect comparing to the powerful photo editing software - PhotoShop. It is quite easy for amateurs to add photo effect. Of course, the photo editing software enables to enhance photo effect by applying filter effect and adding frame for photo.

how to add snow effect -

Have you got detail how to add realistic looking snow effect to your photos? This fun photo editing software allows you to turn any picture into unique artwork! There are over 90 light effects, 70+ fatanstic filter photo effects, as well as 90+ well-designed frames. You can enhance photo effect in other styles, like raining, bubble effect, fire effect, old photo effect, and more. Do it right now and add photo effect by yourself.

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