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Give New Meaning to Ordinary Photo


Make awesome photo effect - Sometimes, you may want to apply a lot of nice and awesome photo effects to your photos. Or if you want to emphasize specific feelings according to the theme and occasion the photo shows, you will wonder how to enhance photo effect and make funny photo effect to make photo look more realistic and more attractive.

Assume you are a hot fan who likes to take photos with camera or mobile devices, like iPad, photo. So you must have tons of photos in your computers which occupy a large memory. Do you really just put them there and take out when you want to recall what you did and where you went? I must tell you that taking photo is just the beginning.

With this photo enhancer, PhotoMagic, it is incredibly easy to turn photo into artistic work with awesome photo effects. It You don't have to be a skillful technologist or a professional photographer like other photo editing software require; you can enhance photo effect and give new meaning to ordinary photo.

As making fun photo effects converts your everyday's into beautiful funny pictures! Choose any fun photo effect from our funny stuff, upload your picture and that's it! How is this photo effect?

photo enhancer to apply photo effect

A few steps to help you use this photo enhancer to make awesome photo effect. Follow this tutorial and make your own funny photo effect.

How to enhance photo effect

Step1. Have PhotoMagic install and run the photo enhancer

Download PhotoMagic for Mac here. free download photo enhancer - PhotoMagicAnd then install it properly on your computer. Windows users can also download PhotoMagic here

Note: There is a watermark on output photo by using the free version. If you want no-wartermark, buy the full version.

Step2. Import photo and begin applying photo effects

Double-click the main window, it can directly access to local file. Just browse your image file and then click "OK" to import photo.

Click "Filter", you can preview the effects in thumbnail on the right. Choose the one you wish to apply to the photo. Here I want to emphasize the moving feelings and the blur photo effect would be a nice choice.

add awesome photo effect

Step3. Add awesome photo effect - light effect

The photo enhancer also let you add lighting effect. You can choose funny photo effect - soft light, hard light, vivid light, linear light, pin light, clolor burn, and other awesome photo effects. As the photo I show below, it turns out to be more realistic and express the dynamic moving feeling. Now your static photo looks like a magic art work made with professional photo editing software.

photo effect - light effect

See how easy it is to turn ordinary photo effects to amazing piece. No special photo editing software neccessary, no special skill. With this photo enhancer, you can make funny photo effect on photos.

funny photo effect

You may want to know How to Make a Photo Look Old. Refer to PhotoMagic for Mac Online Help to get details on how to make awesome photo effect with this photo enhancer.

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