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Wish You a Happy Birthday - Create Birthday Cards (Mac)


Create birthday cards - Most of people have ever received happy birthday cards on their birthdays from dear friends and family. It can be paper happy birthday card, or birthday e-card. In the past, people would buy funny birthday cards from stores. Now more and more people would like to choose birthday photo card, since it is more individual and personal. More important, in the age of technology, we can use many tools to help get thing done well in a more convenient way, including creating birthday cards.

You can find there are many birthday card makers out there, allow us create birthday card easily. iGreetingCard Deluxe is what you are looking for. The birthday card maker doesn't require specialist skills or knowledge, so that every can learn quickly to turn photos into happy birthday card. Just take a look at this tutorial on how to create birthday ecard.

How to create birthday cards step by step?

In order to follow this tutorial to create happy birthday cards, first you need to download the iGreetingCard Deluxe here. Below I will show you how to make birthday card on Mac.
For Mac version free download collagefactory. If you are using Windows, download the demo of iGreetingCard here.

Step1. Get started for creating birthday cards

Launch the birthday card maker and choose a funny birthday card template from the collection. There are many beautiful pre-designed templates for creating happy birthday cards, merry Christmas card, Valentine's Day cards, happy year cards, thanksgiving cards, Halloween cards, and other holiday cards.

choose a template for happy birthday card

You can use your own design to create birthday greeting card by starting with a blank template. After that, you choose to add all the elements on the card, like frame, clipart, background image, text, etc to produce a new design for your birthday ecard.

Step2. Drag photos to birthday card

Directly drag and drop photo from your photo album or import photo from iPhone to frame on the birthday card. You can adjust photo by dragging, rotating and zooming.

import photo to birthday card

Step3. Personalize your birthday photo card

The birthday card maker enables users to create happy birthday cards in their own way, providing many possibilities for those who want a special and unique birthday card.

a). Add a birthday message. Quite large numbers of text styles are provided.
b). Add birthday-related embellishments, like birthday cake, flower, gift.
c). Apply mask on photo. Many different shapes of masks are designed.
d). Change background for birthday photo card with image, pattern, color, gradient or tranparent.

put a text on funny birthday card


change birthday card background

change birthday card background and add embellishment

Step4. Send out the funny birthday cards

Last step to create birthday a card is to export your birthday ecard to one of the image formats, JPG, TIFF and PNG. Or directly send your funny birthday card to friend.

Now give the birthday card maker a try and create your own birthday cards. free download collagefactory

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