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How to Make Photo Card with iGreetingCard (Mac)


Make Photo Card - Have you ever received photo greeting cards on your important days? It is warm and soft greeting from those who love and care you. Everyone is happy to receive such beautiful blessing on special days. Even a greeting photo card can melt your heart, giving you support and confidence.

You can find many greeting card creators for turning photos into stunning holiday card or greeting photo card for special occasions. iGreetingCard Deluxe is one of them, which is easier and more powerful. It is created to make greeting cards for various holidays, such as New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, and more. With the greeting card creator, you can quickly make greeting photo card.

How to make photo card with iGreetingCard Deluxe?

It is easy to learn how to make greeting photo card with iGreetingCard Deluxe. With an intuitive and easy navigated interface, the greeting card creator for Mac lets users make photo cards only in seconds. Below are steps on making a greeting photo card.

Step1. Free download the greeting card creator

You can download and try iGreetingCard Deluxe, Then install in your Mac. free download greeting cards maker

Step2. Pick the template you want to make photo card

There are more than 200+ templates provided for holidays and occasions. You are able to make greeting cards for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and more. Choose a template from the selected theme, which provides a large number of well-designed templates.

choose a template to make photo card

Step3. Import photos to greeting card creator

First add photo to photo list by click "add photo to greeting card creator". Then choose the targeted picture from the left that you want to make photo card and drop it in the frame.

import photo into the greeting card creator

Step4. Add your wish on the greeting photo card

Click the button "" to add a text on the photo card. Type the words in the text box. Just write down the words from your heart. It is available to change text color, font, or add shadow for it.

put text for photo ecards

Step5. Add clipart / frame / mask effect to make photo card look more attractive

The greeting card creator loads with tons of cute and funny embellishments. You can decorate your greeting photo card with follower, little baby, hat, tree, etc.

You can add different shapes of frames for inserting photo or apply mask effect to photo. It can be a start, an umbrella, a dog or any other thing.

apply embellishments for photo card

Step6. Send your greeting photo cards to friends and family

When you finish the photo ecards, you can easily export out via the following ways.
1. Save as image in JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
2. Print it out and frame the photo card as a gift.
3. Send your greeting to others through email.
4. Share the photo card on Flickr and Facebook.

Is it quite easy to make greeting cards? Now it is your turn to make you photo card with the greeting card creator. Send your holiday wish via a simple and beautiful greeting card.

free download greeting cards maker

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