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How to Make Easter Cards(Mac)


Make Easter Cards - Rejoice in the holiday by making easter cards for those who you love and care. Any fabulous Easter card ideas have you got? Do you remember how excited you are when receiving happy Easter cards from friends and family? Even such simple guesture can remind people of your love and kindness.

So ahead of the coming of Easter, find out your best Easter card ideas and make your own Easter greeting card to cheer up people on such special day. It won't cost you much time to make Easter cards. But if you want to your easter greeting card stand out and unique, it requires a little something more. Here I introduce an Easter card maker- iGreetingCard Deluxe, which provides you kind of Easter card ideas. You may get some thoughts and make your own happy Easter cards.

How to make Easter cards with iGreetingCard Deluxe?

iGreetingCard Deluxe offers a great selection of greeting cards templates for making greeting cards for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, wedding, and others events, of course, Easter card template included.. You can easily get started to make Easter cards by choosing an Easter card template from the options.

Before Easter greeting card making, first download iGreetingCard Deluxe. If you are using Windows, you can get the Windows version: download iGreetingCard for Windows

Follow the step-by-step tutorials and make your own Easter greeting card.

Step1. Choose an Easter card template

Launch this greeting card maker,you are faced with many different holidays listed on the left side. Select Easter theme and pick an Easter card template from the provided options. If you are creative enough, you can also turn your own Easter card ideas by starting a blank paper and design your own happy Easter cards.

choose a easter greeting card tempalte

Step2. Put photo into Easter card template

Drag and drop photos from your photo album or iPhoto library to the Easter card template.

drag and drop photo to easter greeting card

Step3. Add texts on Easter greeting card

It will definitely highlight your happy Easter cards by putting warm and best wishes on the Easter greeting cards. iGreetingCard Deluxe features many cool text effects, which enables users to put their heartfelt greetings to make Easter cards look more personal in just one click.

write down easter wishes on card

Step4. Email happy Easter cards or send them out

The final step is to export your Easter greeting cards out and email them to your friends and family. Wish someone a happy Easter Day.

email easter greeting card out

Do you like this way of turning Easter card idea into action? Have you got any thoughts? Now make Easter cards on the go.

Download the demo for iGreetingCard Deluxe: download iGreetingCard Deluxe for making easter card

Find more tips to create greeting cards. you may want to check out the iGreetingCard Online Help

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