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How to Make E Greeting Cards (Mac)


Make E Greeting Cards - There are many ecard tools out there to help create greeting cards. Also you may find even online ecard services are popular, though some of them are too complicated when you create greeting card. Yet, some ecard tools do a great job, like the iGreetingCard Deluxe. With the holiday card maker, it becomes easy and simple to make e greeting cards for Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day and Easter.

How to make e greeting cards?

Within several steps, you can learn how to create greeting card with this holiday card maker. Follow the steps, you will master the tips and can make your own e greeting cards.

First, download iGreetingCard Deluxe download card maker software Then install the holiday card maker correctly in your computer.
If you are using a Windows, you can download iGreetingCard for windows version.

Step1. Think about the type and theme e greeting cards

Before you begin to create greeting card, think about what type and theme you want to make e greeting cards. For birthday, Wedding, new baby coming, graduation, Thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas?

Step2. Choose a template from the library

Once you decide the theme of e greeting cards, you can pick a template from the related collection when you access to the template choosing interface. Since all these greeting card templates are designed for quick start making card, you can design the look for your e greeting card by choosing a blank template.

choose a template

Step3. Import photos

Click the button "add button" to browse image file and then add photos to folder list. After that, you can simply drag and drop photos to the greeting card.

drag and drop photo to create greeting card

Step4. Save and send out e greeting cards

Then you can share and send the finished greeting card to others. Of course, you can redesign the e greeting card by adding mask effect, decoration, such cliparts and elements, texts, and more. You can totally control the design and style of your card. Create greeting card in you unique and special way!

decorate e greeting card with effects

Are there any other ecard tools easier than this holiday card maker to make e greeting cards? Try and make your own e greeting cards!

Give iGreetingCard Deluxe a try and create your own e greeting cards: download card maker software

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