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How to Make Anniversary Cards? (Windows)


Make anniversary cards - We celebrate every important day, such as birthday, New Year, Christmas, Halloween, New Baby shower, graduation, wedding and more. So the most common way to express our emotion and happiness is to make greeting cards for special events. Anniversary greeting card, no matter paper anniversary card or e anniversary card is one of special occasions that people enjoy. They make anniversary cards for precious friendship, happy wedding, business opening, or other events.

By sending anniversary cards, all the unforgettable memories come back clearly. Those happy or kind of bitter days would be a big fortunate in the river of life. So the problem is, do you know how to make anniversary cards? The anniversary card maker - iGreetingCard takes you a little time to make an anniversary greeting card. When come to making cards for anniversary, iGreetingCard can be as an anniversary card maker.

Download iGreetingCard for Windows or if you are a Mac user, you can download iGreetingCard Deluxe and then run the card maker app.

How to make anniversary cards?

Before you get started, you should have the theme in your mind. What is the purpose to make this anniversary greeting card? Is it a wedding anniversary card or graduation anniversary card?

Step1. Choose a template for the anniversary card

When run the anniversary card maker, you can see there are many themes and events included in the pop-up window. Choose the one from the listed occasions and pick your favorite template to get started making anniversary greeting card. Below is an example for making a wedding anniversary card.

choose an anniversary card template

Step2. Add photo to anniversary card

Drag and drop photo you want to make into e anniversary card to the frame. You are able to add more photo if you want to include more photos. Clicking "Frame" to choose the ones you like from the library. You can edit the selected photo by adjusting the size, changing the place, etc. it should be as perfect as it can.

add photo to anniversary card

Step3. Add your words on the anniversary greeting card

This is a very import factor to make a personalized anniversary card. Put your sincere wishes to express your special and unique love to the recipient. Click the button and type words in the box. The anniversary card maker allows you to add effect on the text, such as cool text effect, color, shadow, etc.

add text on anniversary greeting card

Step4. Send and the share anniversary greeting card

When you finish the anniversary greeting card, you can print it out or save it in one of the supported formats, jpg, tiff, gif, bmp and png. Of course, you can also send the e anniversary card via email. It must be so excited to receive the anniversary greeting card from you.

print anniversary greeting card


Have you got the tips to make anniversary cards? Now it is your turn to melt your loved ones.

Download iGreetingCard for Windows: download iGreetingCard for Windows

Purchase iGreetingCard for Windows: buy iGreetingCard for Windows

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