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How to Add Photos to Make a Card (Mac)


Make a Card - Yes, we know there are many greeting card applications out there to help make your own greeting cards, like Christmas cards, birthday card Halloween card, Thanksgiving card, Valentine's card and more. But how to choose a greeting card application that allows you make a card in easiest way? Here iGreetingCard Deluxe is for you to make a card for holidays in a few seconds and clicks.

Free to try iGreetingCard Deluxe, you can click and download the greeting card application here: download card maker software

The greeting card application is designed to make holiday photo cards for popular events. If you wish to know how to use iGreetingCard to make greeting cards for different occasions, you can directly visit how to make greeting card in seconds, how to make e greeting cards, how to make photo card with iGreetingCard, how to make holiday greeting cards with iGreetingCard?

In this article, I will show you how to add photos to this greeting card application and make a card. This is the first step when you make a card. So just check out the tips before you make your own greeting cards.

1. Directly drag and drop from desktop, image file or somewhere else

Drag and drop is the fastest way to import photos to greeting card application. It can be from desktop, documents or somewhere else. Make sure photos fit with the frame. You can adjust by zooming, rotating.

drag and drop photo from image file

2. Add photo from photo list

When you launch the greeting card application, the interface is like this:

First, click the add icon at the left. It is marked in red. Or you can click "add photo" to browse your photo album and add photo to the photo list. Here there is a tip. When you access to your photo album, click "A" + "Ctrl" to select all photos.

All photos will be displayed in thumbnails at the left. Drag the ones you want to make a card.

If you want to remove photos listed on the list, you can choose the photos and click "delete photo".

3. Import photo from iPhoto

A: Choose "Import Photos", browse "MEDIA -> Photos". Click the photo you want to grab in your card.

how to import photo from iPhoto

These are the three ways to import photo to iGreetingCard Deluxe. Try it out and make your own greeting card with the greeting card application: download card maker software

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