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How to Change Background for Greeting Card (Mac)


Change holiday card background - Holiday greeting cards are usually used to send best wishes to some ones special on important days. It is a great way to cheer and light someone up. There are many greeting cards out there, whether in the super markets or stores provide thousands of holiday cards. You may wonder if you can make holiday greeting card by yourself in your own way. You don't have to go out to look for beautiful photo holiday card. With the help of iGreetingCard Deluxe, useful card maker software, you can make holiday card at wish. It makes it possible to send holiday ecard here and there.

Download card maker software - iGreetingCard Deluxe from here: download card maker software

To make an impressive and unique holiday card can surprise your friends and family. This card maker software features powerful editing and customizable tools which allow you design your holiday greeting cards easily. Here I will show you how to change background for greeting card.

How to Change holiday card background?

The card maker software provides five ways to change the greeting card background. I will try every option to change the holiday card background, so that you can have a straight forward feeling how these take effect on your photo holiday card.

Click "background for greeting card"at the top of tool bar. Below are the five options for changing background for greeting card.

greeting card background

Image background

1. Use photo as greeting card background
You can choose an image from photo album as the holiday card background. Click "use image as background", and browse your image file.

2. Use wallpaper built-in card maker software
In the library, it lists all of the background papers used all templates that are included in the card maker software. Drag the slide bar and click the one you want to select as your greeting card background.


The card maker software provides over 30+ pattern styles. When you click one as your photo holiday card background, you can instantly preview the final effect.


Click the radio box of "Color" and click color panel to choose the color as your holiday card background.


Pick two colors and apply them on your holiday ecard. If you want to change the direction of gradient, first click "", and then adjust gradient angle.


You are able to define your greeting card background with trasparent. If you choose this way to change the background for greeting card, you need to save it as the format of PNG.

Above are the five ways to change greeting card background. Try it out by yourself now with iGreetingCard Deluxe. Download the demo of the card maker software here: download card maker software


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