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Make a Mother's Card to Give Mother a Special Mother's Day Gift - (Mac)


Make Mother's Day card - What is the best Mother's day gift? With the coming of mother's day approaching, we are getting busy to think about what would be the best Mother's day gift. We know our parents, especially mother give our love and care with all her heart and ask nothing in return. Mother's Day is an important time to tell her how much we love her as the way she does. You can imagine the picture how excited she will be when receiving a special gift, even a simple Mother's Day greeting card. Because she always knows she is special and unique. So to make mother's card is one of Mother's Day gift ideas.

Here I will show you how to make a mother's day card. You can follow it and make your own Mother's day card for your mom on her special day. The only tool you need is to download the mother's day ecards maker - iGreetingCard Deluxe, which is an easy app for creating greeting cards for holidays and occasions, like mother's day card, birthday card, New Year card, Christmas card, Thanksgiving card, Halloween card, and more.

Free download iGreetingCard Deluxe for Mac

Free download iGreetingCard for Windows

How to make mother's card?

Before you make mother's card, you should make sure card maker - iGreetingCard Deluxe is installed. Just a few steps and clicks, no comprehensive or professional skill necessary, you can quite easy handle how to make mother's card.

Step1. Collect some of your mother's photos

As you are going to make mother's card as your mother's day gift, so the first and essential element is photo. Find couples of your mother's photos and put them in an image file. Then more forward to the next.

Step2. Run iGreetingCard Deluxe and choose a mother's day card template

After running the Mother's Day card maker, you are presented with many kinds of cards for different events. Just choose "Mother's Day" card, and there will be couples of templates for Mother's Day ecards. Choose the one you like. Or you can start making Mother's Day greeting card with a blank paper, on which you can design how your Mother's Day card looks.

pick a template for mother's day card

Step3. Drag photo to mother's day card

Add the image file you prepared to the photo list by clicking "add photo to photo list". Generally, every template is designed with one or two frames for importing photos. Just directly drag and drop photos into frames. If you wish to make mother's card with more photos, you can click "frame" and pick the frames you like to your mother's day card. And repeat the former step.

add frame for mother's day card


iGreetingCard Deluxe has the ability to let users decorate mother's day card with the following options. These are very useful if you wish to make a special mother's day gift by giving her delicate mother's day ecards.

1). Add a personal text, like "Happy mother's day" "Mom, I love you!"
2). Change mother's day ecard background with built-in image or mom's photo, color, gradient, style pattern.
3). Apply mask effect on your mother' day card.
4). Add mother's day related stuffs from the element library, like flowers, gift box.

put a text for mother's day ecards

decorate mother's day card with vivid elements

Step4. Print mother's ecards out and pack it as a mother's day gift

Once you are satisfied with your work, you can print out your mother's day card. And then pack it in a beautiful look. Take out and give your mother as a special mother's day gift. I deem she will be touched by your heart.

mother's day gift

Download the demo of iGreetingCard Deluxe here: download iGreetingCard Deluxe - Mother' greeting card maker

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