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Christmas Card Ideas - E Christmas Card or Handmade Photo Christmas Card? (Windows)


Make E Christmas Card /Handmade Photo Christmas Card - Can you believe it's November already! There are couples weeks before the coming of Christmas. Making Christmas cards for the important day is a traditional custom. Have you got any Christmas card ideas this year? When comes to make Christmas cards, which one do you prefer, e Christmas card or handmade paper photo Christmas card? We give the pros and cons of the two types of photo Christmas cards, comparing the differences and helping you find the most suitable way to make Christmas cards.

compare e christmas greeting card and handmade christmas card

Pros - e Christmas card

1. Easy to make Christmas cards with a simple greeting card software, most of which are designed to be easy and simple to master, like iGreetingCard. You can free to try here: free download greeting card maker
Time saving with the many beautiful built-in templates. Only seconds, you can turn your own photos into gorgeous photo Christmas cards.

3. Not require special skill or technological experience to make e Christmas card. Everyone can learn quickly how to make a Christmas card.

4. Environmental friendly. It should count it into the biggest difference between e Christmas card and handmade card.

Cons - e Christmas card

Need to download the greeting card software and install your computer before making a Christmas card. You can try the free e Christmas card maker - iGreetingCard for turning Christmas card ideas and creating Christmas cards.

make e christmas card

Pro - Hand make Christmas cards

1. Totally involve in designing and making Christmas card from choosing materials to crafting.

2. Handmade card sometimes can express the actually personal feelings.

3. Needn't have to spend too much money

Cons - Hand make Christmas cards

1. Absolutely, handmade Christmas cards kind of a little big project and time-consuming. You have to prepare all the staffs, such as paper, pen, scissors, mucilage, envelope, and other tools, photo.

2. If you want a good-looking and impressive Christmas card, it requires to a little more than simply blending all staffs together.

3. If you are making a Christmas card for friends far away from you, you have to go to post office and wait for days before your sincere greetings received.

christmas photo card

What else can you list the pros and crops of both e Christmas card and handmade photo Christmas card? You must have too many creative and amazing Christmas card ideas, just choose the one you like to make Christmas cards.

In this way, you would also make Halloween greeting card, cards for thanksgiving, or others e greeting cards. More specific tips and details about how to use iGreetingCard to make holiday greeting cards, you may want to look at iGreetingCard for Mac Online Help. If you are using a Windows system, here is the Windows Version of iGreetingCard.

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