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Step1. Launch app and load photo

Download Color Splash Pro from the "download Color Splash Pro", or you can go to Mac App Store and install it in your Mac. Launch the app and import photo. Thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface, Color Splash Pro is super easy and fun to use.

Step2. Turn specific areas into black and white / color

You can switch photo between color mode and black and white mode respectively hit the buttons “color splash effect” and “black & white photos - grayscale”. If I just want to keep details in color while others parts are black and white. Look at the following picture. I want the sunflowers on the photos to remain the original color, while others parts turn into black and white. So first I turn whole photo into black and white by click on "black & white photos - grayscale", and then choose “color effect app - brush” to colorize the flowers areas. You can also choose rectangle or ellipse to draw the color parts. You may notice once you the color mode, then it will automatically target "". On the contrary, it is the same.

Step3. Optimize the picture splash and modify the black & white photo

To be precise when turning the details on photo into black and white, the color effects app supports to edit photo in 1:1 actual size or enlarge photo. You can compare the original to the final result by click “compare picture splash”.

Step4. Export photo

Once finish your photo, you can export edited photo as image in JPG / PNG / TIFF format.

For more details about how to use Color Splash Pro, please visit Color Splash Pro Online Help.

System Requiement

OS X 10.6 or later
64-bit processor

Version 2.0.1 is released on May 3, 2013

What’s New? (Version 2.0.1)

- Supported Retina display
- Supported to edit photos in 1:1 actual size
- Available to adjust brush softness
- Optimized brush performance and fluency



Media Review

Macreview - Mac users simply love to edit their photos, and create collages and posters. This is why simple photo editors are always amongst top selling applications in the Mac App Store. Interface of Color Splash Pro is fairly simple and intuitive, and clearly made for an average home user.

Cnet - Color Splash Pro is a cool photo app to help you quickly create cool photos by converting them to black and white, while leaving the interesting areas in color. That means users can easily transfer photo between color and black and white, but keeping photo quality and details.



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