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How to Turn Photo into Black and White


Turn photo into black ans white - Black & white photos can have a nostalgic touch and often bring more drama to the scene. The object of interest is gaining presence. The viewer is not distracted from (chromatic) color variations anymore. Sometimes, we like to turn photo into black and white, which can totally give us a new feeling for a photo. Black & white photos underline this artistic attribute since the remaining six color contrasts depend on chromatic color. So would you like to have a try to turn photo into black and white?

How to turn photo into black and white?

With the color effects app, Color Splash Pro, anyone can turn photo into black and white with a high quality. This neat color effects app lets you selectively highlight areas of your photos with color. It produces such nice results with so little effort that you may actually find yourself putting photos.

Below is a showcase for creating black & white photos. I will show you how to turn photo into black and white step by step with the color effects app.

Step1. Download the color effects app

You can download the latest version 2.0 from Softease website here: free trial for color effects app. Some amazing features, including - Supported Retina display - Supported to edit photos in 1:1 actual size - Available to adjust brush softness - Optimized brush performance and fluency.

You may also install from Mac App Store download color splash pro from mac app store

Step2. Release the color effects app and load photo for picture splash

Click the icon "" and access to this color effects app interface. Thanks to its intuitive and responsive user interface, Color Splash Pro is super easy and fun to use. Double click the main window or click "import  photo to make picture splash" to open your photo album. Choose the one you want to convert to black & white photo.

turn photo into black and white

Step3. Turn specific areas into black and white / color

You can swift photo between color mode and black & white mode respectively hit the buttons "color splash effect" and "black & white photos - grayscale". Take this sample below, I want the sunflowers on the photos to remain the original color, while others parts to turn into black and white. So first I turn photo into black and white, and then choose "color effect app - brush" to mark out the flowers with the color brusher. You can choose rectangle or ellipse to draw the color parts.

color effects app - turn photo into black and white

The color effects app allows to adjust the size of brush according to your needs. The update version 2.0 also enables to adjust brush softness.

Step4. Optimize the picture splash and modify the black & white photo

To be precise when turning the details on photo into black and white, the color effects app supports to edit photo in 1:1 actual size or enlarge photo. You can compare the original to the final result by click "compare picture splash".

compare black and white photo

Step5. Save and share your artwork

When you finish turning photo into black and white, you can just save it in one of the popular image formats that the color effect app supports, JPG, TIFF and PNG. That is the all steps to turn photo into black and white.

If you want to make black & white photos in an easy way, try the color effects app and make your own picture splash right now! For more details about how to use the color effects app, you can visit Color Splash Pro Online Help.

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