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How to Make Color Splash Effect on Photo


Make color splash effect - You may want to make a dramatic photo just like those masterpiece made by professionals who use PhotoShop or any other powerful and comprehensive photo editing software. But the fact is that not everyone can skillfully manipulate those photo tools which require time to learn. There are many ways to beautify or modify your photos using some easy app for turning photos to great ones in a simple way. If you want to a color splash effect on photo, than you don't need to do much work. Just a simple color splash app like Color Splash Pro can help you.

This is an easy to use color splash app for making black and white photo. Anyone can use it to add splash color effect. It is particularly useful when you want to splash color on specific areas, while keep other parts black and white.

Given to those who are not quite familiar with this color splash app, this is a short color splash tutorial to show you how to Color Splash Effect on Photo.

Step1. Download the color splash app

Get free trial for Color Splash Pro. Color Splash Pro is available on Mac App Store. Only a few seconds, you can complete the downloading. And then have this color splash app installed.

Step2. Import photo before adding color splash effect

Double click the main interface and access to the image document. Or you can simply click "import  photo" to load photo to the color splash app.

import photo to make black and white

Step3. Make black and white photo

Photo will be automatically turnedinto black and white when load it to main interface. The below tips are the keys in this color splash tutorial to apply color splash effect to parts of photos.

make black and white photo

Tip1. If you want the specified objects on the photo appear in color and others maintain black and white. Choose the mode "color photo" to splash color effect on photo. Click brush tool, or you can select rectangle or ellipse to spash wherever you want to colored. You can adjust the size of brush to perfect the color splash effect,.

add color splash effect

Tip2. turn photo into black and white is for converting whole photo to black and white. While, turn photo into color will recover photo in color.

Step4. Compare and export splashed photo

"compare photo" is to compare splashed photo with the original one. Then you can clearly know what color splash effect has affected on photo. Once you feel good at the photo, you can export it to TIFF, JPG and PNG formats. Share your splash color photo with friends and family, as well as this funny color splash app.

splash color effect on photo

Check out Color Splash Pro Online Help to get more details about how to use this scolor splash app to make black and withe photo.

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