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What Are Your Collage Ideas? Check It Out! (Mac)


Collage ideas - Speaking of photo collage ideas, what comes to your mind first? Is it a good collage idea of piling up photo together? I should say it is the easiest way for making photo collage. If you want to be creative and find interesting photo collage ideas, you can do more than this. Collage ideas are about combining photos in the way you want, like making heart collage, grid collage, circular collage, shape collage or any other styles.

Find collage ideas with CollageFactory Pro?

CollageFactory Pro is a picture collage editor making photos into cool collage in a fast way. Within a few steps and clicks, you are able to create your own best collage, as the picture collage editor lets you make collage in different styles and provides a variety of templates. You can find your own collage ideas with CollageFactory Pro.

Download the picture collage editor: free download CollageFactory

You must have tons of photos you shot with you photo and camera. So why not turn them into cool photo collage? You can make various collages, like family photo collage, journey collage. It is easy and quick to turn your picture collage ideas into reality. Below are 3 steps to make picture collage with CollageFactory Pro.

Step1: According to your photo collage ideas, choose collage template

Think of what kind of collage you would like to make. And the picture collage editor provides 5 collage ideas for you: Free Style, grid, circular, heart and Classic collage. Click one and choose a template.

choose a collage template

Step2. Drag photos into frames and customize collage

Drag and drop photos to frames. The picture collage editor allows you to edit photos, like zooming, exchanging photo order, add photo, customize photo border, add text, change collage background, apply shadow, and more.

edit photo collage

Step3. Export photo collage

The picture collage editor support to save photo collage in the following image formats, like JPG, PNG and TIFF. Or print out the collage.

photo collage ideas - make collage with picture collage editor

If you want to know about the picture collage editor for other photo collage ideas, you can reading articles how to Use CollagFactory Pro to Make a Photo Collage, Make Collage Photos Can't Be Easier.

Which collage ideas you like most to make your own creative collages? For me, I would like to use picture collage editor to make my collage because it is really easy and fun to turn my photo collage ideas to magical art.

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