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How to Use CollagFactory Pro to Make a Photo Collage (Mac)


Make a photo collage - If you want to make image collage in an easy and quick way, here is a nice image collage maker for you. CollageFactory Pro, a powerful mac collage maker can help you combine multiple photos into a cool collage. It is a great and simply way to show your personality by making collage in different shapes for your photos.

How to make a photo collage?

The mac collage maker is designed to be an easy app for making collage, providing many collage templates to easily make image collage. Only a few clicks and seconds, a stunning image collage is made. If you haven't installed this image collage maker, then you can first download it here: download image collage maker - CollageFactory Pro

It is a free trial for the mac collage maker. The difference between the free trial and pro version is that there is a watermark in output photo when using free trail. After installing CollageFactory Pro, launch it and get ready to make your own image collage.

Step1. Choose a collage layout and template

There are five collage layouts and 50 + image collage templates built-in the mac collage maker. Choose a layout from Free Style, Grid, Classic, Focus and Heart and pick a template from the various options. In version 1.5 or late, you can also start making collage with a blank template.

choose an image collage layout

Step2. Import photos and adjust them

First add photos to the photo list on the left side. And then drag and drop them to the frames. You can click "Shuffle Layout", "Shuffle Photos" to get a new image collage layout or photo order on basis of the layout you choose in the step 1.

Note: You can order the number of photo you want to make a collage.

import photos

Step3. Simply edit your image collage

The image collage maker provides many tool to edit your image collage. You can zoom in / out, rotate photo, change the photo number, adjust border width and color, you can even change the image template. For decorating the image collage, you can add text with cool effects the the image collage.

add text

Besides, you can also change image collage background with color, image, built-in wallpaper, transparent and pattern style.

change image collage background

Step4. Export out image collage

If you feel good for the image collage, then just export and save it. The following image formats are supported - JPG, PNG and TIFF.

See how easy to make a photo collage with the mac collage maker. For more tips about making collage, you can go to CollageFactory Pro Online Help. Now it is your turn to make your own photo collage.

Download the free trial for CollageFactory Pro download image collage maker - CollageFactory Pro

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