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How to Make Thank You Cards? (CollageFactory Pro)


Make thank you cards - There are many occasions that we want to make thank you cards to convey our gratitude to friends, colleagues, or partners. Photo thank you card is becoming more and more popular, which would be baby shower photo thank you card, wedding photo thank you card,or other thank you cards for personal sentiment. Here's just something about a paper printable thank you card that never loses its charm for some of us.

No matter in which way you make thank you cards, you wish to make a unique thank you cards. Here, I will show you how to make thank you greeting cards quickly. The tool I use is CollageFactory Pro. It is a professional and powerful greeting card maker, with which you can make birthday card, Christmas card, New Year card, Father's card, Valentine's card and other popular holiday greeting cards. Here it is a photo thank you card maker.

Download CollageFactory Pro and install it in your Mac.

How to make thank you cards?

Follow the steps to create a thank you greeting card.

Step1. Choose / design a template for your photo thank you card

There are many well-designed templates in the library, including different themes and events. Select one and go to the next step. If you wish to customize your thank you ecard, you can freely organize the elements.

choose a photo thank you card template

Step2. Add photo and edit thank you card

Drag photo from photo album or you can first add photos to photo list by clicking "add photos" and browse image file. And then drop photo to the thanks card.

add photo to thank you card

The 'Thank you card maker' lets you zoom, rotate, and drag any item on your thanks card. Or add other cute decorations from the clipart and element library. It can really make your thank you greeting card more special.

decorate thank you greeting card

Step3. Put a thank you note

This is the most important part to make an impressive and personalized thank you greeting card. What to write on the thanks card? Think about why you make thank you card. Simple and sincere blessing wishes always would melt people' heart.

add thank you note

Step4. Print / save thank you ecard

When finish the thank you card, then save it in one of the following image formats, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. If you wish a printable thank you card, you can print the thank you ecard with your OS default printer. Besides, you can also make folder greeting cards.

make thank you card

Purchase CollageFactory Pro here and start making your own thank you photo card.

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