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How to Make Photo Postcard? (Mac)


Make photo postcard - When do you want to make a photo postcard, on a trip or on a vacation? We usually buy a stack of beautiful postcards from airport or famous places to share what we see with friends or family, trying to tell them you have a wonderful and enjoyable journey. But, most of the postcards we find in the store are published thousands of time, which share the same postcard templates and designs.

Is there any way to make a postcard that is unique and personal? Definitely, it is for sure. You can make your photo postcard if you spend a little time on reading the following tips on

What you need for making photo postcards?

1, Photos for creating postcard

2. A photo postcard maker - CollageFactory Pro. Downoad here

3 Stamps for send photo postcards

Have a look at the final result that I create postcard.

create postcard

How to make a photo postcard?

Here we go. Follow the step by step tutorial to create photo postcard.

Step1. Pick photos before making postcard

Scroll through your tons of photos you took during the journey and pick one or two that were most interesting.

Step2. Launch the "Postcard maker" and choose a template

Strictly, CollageFactory Pro is not a professional postcard maker, since it is a combination of photo collage and greeting card. Thanks to the various and well-designed templates, it is also a great way to make photo postcard. You can download CollageFactory Pro here and launch the "postcard maker". Choose a postcard template and get started.

choose a postcard template

Step3. Add photo to the postcard

When you access the main interface, you can drag and drop the photos you prepare in step1 to the postcard.

add photo to create postcard

Step4. Edit photo and add elements (Optional)

The postcard make allows to edit photo or any items on the postcard. So you can rotate, drag, zoom item to adjust the size and position. Otherwise, it is possible to add elements from the clipart elements to decorate your photo postcard.

edit photo postcard

Step5. Add your words on the photo postcard

Click "text button" and type your words on the text box. Try to put some simple greetings on the photo postcard, like "Wish you were here", "What a wonderful trip"

add text on postcard

Step6. Print the photo postcard

If you want to make it into a printable photo postcard, you can use the Mac default printer to print out your postcard. Check the article about how to make a printable folder greeting card, useful information was provided for a printable photo postcard. Or if you want to send photo postcards via email, the postcard maker supports in-app mailing.

print photo postcard

Step7. Write on the back and send photo postcard

You can express your emotion and feeling when you create the postcard. Share anecdote during the trip. No matter who receive the photo postcard, they would be as happy as you do. After that stick the photo postcard with a stamp and send out!

send postcard out

See how easy it is to make photo postcard that are one-of-a-kind and appealing at less than the cost of buying a postcard. In this way, you can make business postcard, custom postcard, vintage postcard, printable postcard or any kind of photo postcards. It is incredibly quick to create postcard and send it to friend. There is something special about getting handwritten photo postcards.

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