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How to Make Holiday Greeting Cards


Make Holiday Greeting Cards - People always make holiday season cards to express their heartfelt wishes to loved ones. To make holiday season cards and to send merry wishes with wonderfully festive holiday greeting card is a great way to remind people's wonderful emotions. Celebrate the season with a one-of-a-kind holiday photo card.

How to make holiday photo cards?

In which way you make your holiday greeting cards from store or making it by yourself? Here I will introduce a greeting card builder, CollageFactory Pro and show how to make holiday photo cards step by step. You are only a few mouse clicks away from making holiday greeting cards with the greeting card builder.

Step1. Who and for what you want to make holiday greeting cards

It must be clear before you get start making holiday greeting cards. Is it a mother's day card for your mom, Christmas card for friend, Valentine's card for your special one, New Year card for grandparent, birthday card for teacher? Then collect some of the recipient's photos.

Step2. Download and install greeting card builder

You can get the free trail of CollageFactory Pro here free download collage maker for mac. If you want to make holiday photo cards for free, CollageFactory Express is a totally free greeting card builder with most of features brought from the pro version.

Step3. Launch CollageFactory Pro and choose a holiday season card template

There are many beautiful built-in templates for making holiday photo cards according to different events and occasions. Pick a template and get ready.

choose a holiday photo card template

Step4. Burn photos into holiday greeting card

When you access to the template interface, you can see one or two blank frames which can freely edit. Drag and drop the prepared photos.

import photos

The greeting card builder also allows to personalize holiday photo cards by changing background with your own image, style pattern, color, adding holiday wishes, decorating with stunning embellishments, and more.

decorate holiday greeting card

Step5. Save and send holiday photo cards

The greeting card builder supports two ways to share your holiday season cards. You can send your holiday greeting card to friends and family via email. Or save your holiday photo card in the following image formats - JPG, TIFF and PNG.

holiday season greeting card

Have you got the tips on how to make holiday greeting card? Make your own holiday photo cards with this wonderful greeting card builder. It's an easy and inexpensive way to send meaningful holiday greetings with a personal touch.

free download collage maker for mac

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