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How to Make Free Greeting Cards


Make free greeting cards - Finding a greeting card that completely captures your emotions can be tough. Everyone wants to make beautiful greeting cards which will convey the genuine personal feelings to friends or people they love and care. CollageFactory Express is the kind of free card maker that allows people make card for free on special occasion s and holidays.

You can get the free card maker from here: free card maker

Anyone can make beautiful greeting cards with CollageFactory Express. The free greeting card maker provides creative card ideas, many free greeting card templates to help you make unique greeting cards.

How to make free greeting card?

As CollageFactory Express is the free version for CollageFactory Pro which includes more features, such as templates, editing functions. Yet most of features in the pro version are also covered in this free card maker. All in all, it is quite enough to make personal greeting cards for free with the card maker.

Step1. Select a greeting card template

The free card maker brings a wide range of pre-designed greeting card templates for most of holidays and events, such as Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Valentine 's Day, etc. The first thing you need to think about is what kind of occasion you are going to make free greeting cards. And then select a template from the provided options. Over 40+ greeting card templates are available.

pick a  greeting card template

Step2. Put photos to greeting card template

Once you decide the greeting card template, open your photo album and drop the ones you wish to make into free greeting card to the greeting card template. Modify photo, like zoom in/out to make it fit to the frame by double-click the photo to drag or rotate photo.

Of course, to make a special and impressive greeting card never is so easy. The free greeting card maker also lets to put a text, so that you can add holiday wishes or personal feelings.

put photo to free card maker

Besides, there are several ways to change greeting card background - image, pattern or color. If you would like to use wallpaper as the greeting card background, you may need to upgrade it to CollageFactory Pro.

change greeting card background

Step3. Send free greeting card out

The final step to make card for free is to export your greeting card and send to the specific people. They may be your friends, family, co-workers, customers. Surprise them with such elaborate free greeting card.

email greeting card to friends

Take a look at the free card maker for Mac - CollageFactory Express: free card maker

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