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How to Make Free Collage (CollageFactory Express)


Make free collage - Are you trying to find a free collage maker which can easily make free collage? You must have a ton of photos stored in your computers. Yet you will never want to just do nothing and let these treasured and unforgettable memories fade out. So making photo collages for them is an extremely creative way to make fun and re-organize your photos. In this case, a free collage maker is what you need. You can google on the internet and find a handful of photo collage applications, including free collage maker. However, sometimes mastering a free collage maker to blend photos into collage is not an easy job.

Choose this free collage maker - CollageFactory Express, which is designed to combine photos into stunning collage in seconds. The free collage maker is sure to be your nice assistant to make free collage, blending your memorable photographs and digital photos into a unique photo collage. It is a free version for CollageFactory Pro.

Get the free collage maker (it is not a free trial) before you can use it to make free collage of your own. download free collage maker Besides, you can install CollageFactory Express from Mac App Store.

How to make free collage?

In this article I will show you how to use this free photo collage maker to make cool collage. Take a moment to look at these steps and make free collage with your photos.

Step1. Choose a template from free photo collage layout

When you run the free collage maker, you need to choose a collage style on the left and pick a template from the provided choices. As CollageFactory Express can also be used to make free greeting card, so you can see there are many events listed below the cards themes. Here we are going to make free collage, just choose a collage layout and pick a template to start making free collage.

choose a template from free style

Step2. Import photo to free collage maker

Import photos to the free collage maker by drag-and-drop photos to frames. You can adjust the photo number. To quickly make collage, you can fill photo frames by clicking "Fill at Random". Immediately, the main interface of free collage maker will filled with photos randomly.

drag and drop photo to free collage

Step3. Save and share your free photo collage

A simple free photo collage is done. The free collage maker allows to send collage directly via email or save it in jpg, tiff and png formats. What's more, the free collage maker also enables to save it as project. Click "File" -> "Save As" and then type a name and choose a place.

Of course, you can do more than this to make a unique free collage with this powerful free collage maker. Useful editing tools are included, such as add text with cool effect, rotate, drag, zoom photo, adjust photo number, change background, apply shadow, and more. You can decorate your free photo collage in your own special way.

customize free collage

To fully review this great photo collage application, you can download the free trial of CollageFactory Pro here. Here are tutorial you may want to read about how to use free collage maker & greeting card maker to make collage, as well as greeting card.

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