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How to Make Birthday Cards?


Make birthday cards - Have you ever received birthday greeting cards from friends and family on your birthday? Did these birthday greeting cards impressive you? There is one thing for sure. It makes your birthday different and memorial with such heartfelt birthday cards.

So why not express your thanks and blessings in the same way to those who make birthday cards for you? It is good way to warm someone's heart, reminding her or him the wonderful days.

How to make birthday cards

If you are not well good at making birthday cards manually, then you could give this greeting card maker named CollageFactory Pro a try. It will help you find the easiest way to make birthday cards, Christmas card, Thanksgiving greeting cards, Valentine's card, Father's cards, and other popular holiday cards. Also, as the name informs, you can make photo collages. Here I will show you how to make a birthday card with collage maker & greeting card maker. Free download CollageFactory Pro here: free download collagefactory

Step1. Run CollageFactory Pro

Launch CollageFactory Pro, select the "Card" category and click "birthday" theme. At the same time, there are many birthday greeting card templates displayed on the right side. Pick one from the collection and start to make your birthday card.

pick a birthday card template

Step2. Import photos

Grab the photos you want to make birthday cards from your image file clicking "add photo" at the left-bottom. It is also available to import photo by dragging and dropping directly to main window.

import photo to birthday card

Step3. Edit photo and apply effects to birthday greeting card

You can freely drag, rotate, resize photo. Of course, there are more things you can do to highlight your birthday greeting card.
A) Add a birthday greeting, like "happy birthday to you".
B) Apply mask effect on photo.
C) Definitely, lovely cliparts about birthday are sure to make a birthday card beautiful. In the embellishment library, you can decorate your birthday card with cake, candle, present, candy, flower, and more.

make effect for birthday card

Step4. Print or send birthday greeting card

The final step to make a birthday card is saving your card. You can choose to print out after you decide the page size. Besides, you can send out via email.

Have you got the tips on how to make birthday cards? You may be interested in reading about how to make New Year cards, Christmas cards and Thanksgiving greeting cards.

Have a try at the greeting card maker - CollageFactory Pro: free download collagefactory

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