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How to Make a Folded Greeting Card (CollageFactory Pro)


Make a Folded Greeting Card - CollageFactory Pro provides well-designed card templates to make e-cards. But how to make folded greeting cards? With the powerful customization function of this app, you can make your own style folded greeting cards.

Download CollageFactory Pro and follow steps below to make a folded greeting card. Have a try!

Here is tutorial for making a folded greeting card for birthday in 5x7 inch.

Step 1. Launch the app and choose a template for your folder birthday greeting card

Click the birthday theme and unfold the pre-designed templates collection. Pick your favorite one and get started making a folded greeting card.

choose a template for making a folded greeting card

Step 2. Add photo(s) to greeting card (first page)

You can directly drag-and-drop the photo(s) to photo frame or click "add photo" button to import photos to app.
You can do more to create a better greeting card.
add photos

Step 3. Set page size.

For printing a 5x7 greeting card, the page size should be 5:7. In most cases, 1500x2100 (5*300:7*300) pixel is enough for printing. Of course, you can make a little larger or smaller.

Step 4. Save as PNG format.

Click "Export" button to save it PNG format.
You can also save the project for further editing.

Step 5. Create a new project with the same template.

You can use other templates as well. But I think it looks better if using same template for a folded greeting card
Delete the photo frame to get more space;

A. Click "Add Text" to write some words on the folded greeting card, or you can write it by hand after printing;
B. Follow step 3 and step 4 to save the page.

make a folded greeting card

Step 6. Create a new project with Classic 1 collage style.

If you want to make a 7x5 folded greeting card, please choose Classic 2 collage style.
A. Import those two pages we just created;
B. Adjust both "Space" and "Margin" to "0";
C. Set page size to 3000*2100 pixel (double size of the page), because you want to make a folded card;
D. Follow step 4 to save the image.

make folded greeting card - create a new project

Step 7. Print the card with your OS default printer.

Now, a folded greeting card is finished!

Then you can follow step 1 to step 7 to make the other side, or just leave it empty. Easy? Make your own folded greeting card now! You can make folded greeting cards for mother's day, Christmas, New Year, and other important occasions.

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