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Free Collage Maker for Mac Turns Photos into Collages


Make collages for free - Many people would ask the same question "What can I use to make collage on my Mac?" Today, I will introduce a free collage maker for Mac, CollageFactory Express. You can make picture of collages with your own photos. You won't want to miss out the free photo collage maker and turn photos into collage? There must be many free picture collage makers out there, yet, I highly recommend have a try at CollageFactory Express.

How to use the free collage maker for Mac?

How to turn collage with CollageFactory Express? It only requires a few steps, you can easily make cool picture of collages of your own. Now you just follow the step by step tutorial to turn photo into collage.

Step1. Install the free collage maker on Mac

When you download CollageFactory Express, install the picture collage maker in your computer properly. Then, launch it.

Step2. Pick a collage style and choose a template

There are three free collage styles including Free, Grid and Classic Styles available in the free collage maker for mac, , yet two plus styles. There are more collage styles and templates are included in CollageFactory Pro, the full picture collage maker. Decide the collage style and choose related template from options on the right side.

turn collage - choose a template

Step3. Import photos to the main window of the free collage maker

Click the button "add photo" and browse your image file. Select the photos you want to turn into collage. You can see photos will be displayed on the left in thumbnails. Drag photos to the frame in template. You have choice to drag photos one or couples a time. Also, the free make collage on mac allows you to click "randomly fill photos" and randomly fill photos.

turn collage - adjust photo

As free collage maker for mac, CollageFactory Express features basic editing functions, such as adjust photo size, drag and rotate. Besides, you can add caption on the picture of collages and change collage background with image, style pattern, built-in wallpaper, gradient and more.

turn collage - change picture of collage's background

Note: Here I use the default number to turn collage, you can also set the photo number under the tab "Layout".set photo number

Step4. Share your picture of collages

Only four steps, you can turn collage in an artist way! With the free make collage on mac, you can also make greeting cards for Christmas, New Year and other holidays. Now try it out by yourself.

download collage maker for mac

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