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Turn Ordinary Photos into Digital Picture Collages on Mac


Make digital picture collages - There are several ways to create a picture collage with your pictures, such as doing it yourself from scratch with Photoshop (which obviously requires certain Photoshop knowledge) or with more specific collage-oriented tools like the picture collage maker for mac - PicCollage. Which ways you would use for creating a collage? The picture collage maker is both for professionals and hobbists. Collage Maker for Windows is also available.

This mac picture collage maker enables you to turn your ordinary into cool digital picture collages with almost no effort. It is especially useful for green hands who are not well good at photography. We all take photos for certain occasions, such as birthday, wedding, graduation, or other holidays to remember happy moments. What can you do with these photos? Don't you want something interesting, like make photo birthday card, Christmas card, or turning them into personalized collage?

This is today's topic - turn ordinary photos into cool digital picture collages. Needn't any complicated picture collage maker tools or professional skill, anyone can master to create a picture collage on Mac.

Here I will show you the overview of creating a collage with the picture collage maker for mac . First of all, make sure you installed the mac picture collage maker. Here to freely try Collage Maker free to try picture collage maker

How to turn photos into digital picture collages?

To make clear of creating a collage, I will give the specific tips and steps how to use the picture collage maker for to create a picture collage. Take a moment to look at the steps, and get started creating your own digital picture collages.

Step1. Choose a template and start creating a collage

First of all, start creating a collage by picking a template when you run PicCollage, or you can anytime switch to any of collage template from the 7 templates - Free Style, Grid, Classic, Heart, shape, irregular and stitch.

choose a template for collage

Step2. Drag and drop photos to the main interface of picture collage maker

You need to add your photos to the photo list on the left by clicking the "add photo to piccollage" and browse the photo document and choose the photos you wish to make into digital picuture collages. After that, you are available to drag photos to the collage template.

Tips: To quickly import photos, the picture collage maker features set a button "Random", which allows users to load photos in seconds.

import photos to collage template

Step3. Creating a collage in your way is available

There's no end to make a personalize digital picture collage - you can adjust the photo number, several ways to change background, add text, apply shadow . You'll be able to preview your collage before you finish and, of course, there is a online help file in case you get stuck.

Step4. Export collage out and share it

Export out the finished digital picture collages and share with your friends and family. You will find all happy time come back clearly again and make you feel warm in the deep heart. Every time you look at the stunning digital picture collages, you can feel life is as beautiful and easy as these photos show.

free to try picture collage maker

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