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Step1. Choose a template to make a collage

Download Collage Maker from the "download collage maker". Run the collage software. First, under the tab of "Style", you need to choose a template from the five built-in layouts, which means you can make Grid collages, classic collages, Free collagesHeart collages and Circular collages.

choose a collage style

Step2. Import photo

On the left, open photo album and drag and drop to import photos to the main windows . If you prefer a faster way, you can click “Fill” button to quickly load photos. The default number for inserting photos is 20. For grid collage, the number should be multiplied by row and col. For other collages, you can directly set the amount for photos. You can also go to "Photo" and click "add photo" to add photo. To remove specific photo, you should click "delete photo from collage" to delete the selected one.

Step3. Customize photo collages with effects

The photo collage maker allows users to make a collage in a unique way to make it look more personal.
1. Add text on collage. Select "Text" at the menu. Click the "add text on collage" and then put words in the pop-up box. Click ok when you finish. After that, text is place on collage. After selecting it, there will be a green box around it. You can zoom in / out by putting mouse on anyone of the four angles and rotate text when you click the circle in the center of box. You can change text color / size / font style. Background in color is available. Even more, you can adjust background opaque. The last but not least choice for editing text is shadow with offsetX / offsetY. Click "delete text from collage" to delete text from collage.

add text on collage
Note: This way to zoom / rotate photo is the same to text.

2. Change photo border. In "Photo" you can choose whether a border around photos is needed. And you can adjust border's width and color. Shadow also works here.

add border for photo

3. Change collage background. In "Page", you can decide the collage style for collage, including transparent, color, image, or built-in style pattern.

4. Collage page size / margin. Click "Page", you can also order a pre-set page size or customize the width and height. Drag the slide bar of left / right / top / bottom, you can adjust margin.

adjust collage margin

Step4. Save and share photo collages

1). Save as image. Click "save photo collage" and choose one of formats - JPG / PNG / TIFF / GIF / BMP to save.

2). Print / Set collage as wallpaper. Click the icon of Collage Maker at the left-top, you can print collage or directly set it as your desktop wallpaper.

print collage or set collage as desktop wallpaper

System Requiement

Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista / XP (32Bit / 64Bit)

Version 1.2 is released on Octomber 19. 2012

What’s New? (version 1.2)

- Fixed the crash problem

Media Review

Collage Maker is a great photo collage software to make photo collages. Making photo collage is very simple! You just need to choose a collage layout, drag & drop your photos. Only seconds, and a cool photo collage is done!

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