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How to Make a Grid Collage? (Windows)


Make a grid collage - Collage in grid shape is the most common collage style. People like to create collage for their photos and show their personalities in a unique way. Have you ever wanted to turn your photos into collage? So what kind of collage styles you like, grid collage, heart collage or free style collage?

To make collage is a creative idea, especially when there are many photos stored in your computer. In the post - How to make heart collage, I have shown how to create collage in heart shape. I will teach you how to use Collage Maker for Windows , a simple yet great collage builder for making gird photo collage or any other shape.

You can free download the collage builder - Collage Maker for Windows here free download Collage Maker for Windows. This is a free trial with which you can use to make grid picture collage.

If you are using Mac, you can get a Mac version - PicCollage

Step1. Choose grid photo collage template

When launch Collage Maker, the default collage style is grid collage under the tab "Style". The icon of grid photo collage is currently in orange, while others collage styles icons are grayscale.

Step2. Decide the number of grid collage

You can set a number fir row and col. The total number of photos you need to include to this grid photo collage can be calculated by multiplying row and col.

change grid collage number

Step3. Load photo to grid collage maker

First, import photos you want to combine into grid photo collage to the photo list by clicking "add photo" to browse the photo albums and display them in the list. Second, the grid collage maker provides a quick way to fill photos into collage by clicking "fill photo". All blank frames are filled with photos instantly.

fill grid photo collage

Step4. Edit your grid collage

If you wish a totally new order for your grid collage, you can click "shuffle". If you only want to change the orders between two photos, you can directly drag the one and drop it to the place you want.

Double click the photo, you can see a red circle in the center of photo. When you put curser onto it, there is a hand shape. Then you can rotate the photo to any angle you wish. Below to the circle follows a red square, you can drag photo at ease.

edit grid picture collage

This grid collage maker also enables to customize the background of grid photo collage . You can select tab "Page", and then fill the grid collage background with the options provided, including color, image and pattern.

fill grid collage border color

Step5. Export out grid picture collage

The final result is always to be impressive. So just export your gird collage out in one of the following image formats, such as TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG.

So, have you got how to make a gird collage with the collage maker? Follow the steps, you can make collage in grid shape, or other style collage shapes..

More tips about how to make collage, you can refer to the Collage Maker for Windows Online Help.

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