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How to Make Photo Collage with Collage Maker (Windows)


Make photo collage - To make a photo collage is becoming more and more popular and creative way of showing various digital photos at once. It is an amazing idea to make photo collage for displaying your memory. Now with the photo collage creator - Collage Maker, users can easily turn photos into collage.

What is Collage Maker?

Collage Maker is a simple photo collage creator that assists people turn digital photos into collage in a fast way. Only need a few clicks and seconds, users can make a photo collage, whether they are seasoned or new learner.

If you are a Mac user, you can try on PicCollage for turning photos into collage.

How to use Collage Maker to make a photo collage?

Here give the step by step tutorial, with which you can follow and make a photo collage by your own.

Step1. Download the photo collage creator and launch it

To get started, you need to download and install the photo collage creator in your computer. free download photo collage creatorThere is a free trial for Collage Maker. Then run it.

Step2. Apply a collage style

This photo collage creator provides five layouts. You can choose anyone and begin turnning photos into collage. You can decide how many photos you want to include in the collage. For Free, Heart and Circular, you can directly set a number in the "Num" box. For Grid and Classic, you can respectively set Col and Row, and then multiply the two number.

pick a template for photo collage

Step3. Change photo collage background

To make a photo collage personal, you are able to change photo collage background. Under "Page", choose a way to fill collage background, color, image, pattern are provided as you like.

change photo collage background

Of course, you can do more to make a photo collage with more effects. You can add a text caption, change the photo order to different layout, add shadow for photo collage, and more. Just take your advantage to make magic photo collage of your own.

Step4. Save collage

With the built-in functionality, you are able to set the photo collage as your desktop wallpaper. Click "Export", and choose the wallpaper. Instantly, when you back to teh desktop, you can see the final effect. It supports several formats for saving collage in JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and PNG.

set photo collage as wallpaper

Have a try on Collage Maker and make your own collage now. download and try collage maker

For more features about the picture collage software, you can read Collage Maker for Windowws Online Help.

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