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How to Make Photo Collage on Mac


Make photo collage on Mac - Do you know how to make photo collage on Mac? I am sure you will be surprised when you see someone collects all the sweet moments and turn them into a funny picture collage. Everyone wants to make something special to record and memorize the significant moments in life. So why not make photo collage?

With the easy to use photo collage maker for Mac - PicCollage, you will find making photo collage on Mac is never a sophisticated job. In just a few seconds and clicks, you can master how to make photo collage on Mac.

Here is a user guide on how to use the mac picture collage maker to make picture collage step by step. Follow it and make your own picture collage. To begin with, you need to download the collage maker for Mac and install in your Mac. free try to make a collage

Step1. Launch the Collage Maker and Choose a Style as Layout

Run this photo collage maker for Mac and then choose a proper layout based on what tyle of picture collage you want to create, Heart collage, Focus collage, Grid collage, Free collage, Classic collage, Shape collage, Irregular collage or Stitch collage?

choose a layout to make photo collage on mac

Step2. Import photo to collage maker for Mac

Drag & Drop the photos from image documents, or directly import them from your iPhoto. To save you time, you're allowed to make picture collage in a fast way by pressing "collage maker - import photo with by randomly" button.

Photos will be placed randomly in the frames.

Tips: If you import photos exceeded 20, you can fill the number when choose the collage template in the step1. After begin making collage, you can click "Add" button on the top to add the blank photo frame onto the photo collage maker for Mac.

Step3. Add text for picture collage

Adding text on collage is a universal feature for a picture collage maker must require when comes to making collage. While there are something that PicCollage differs from others mac picture collage maker, like adding shadow and color for picture collage.

add texts for collage

Step4. Fill background for collage

Which way do you prefer to change picture collage background? Color, transparent, gradient, image or style pattern? You will find it is a funny and creative artwork to make photo collage on Mac in your special style.

change picture collage backgroundd

Step5. Export out and share picture collage

Click "Export" on the top and save your picture collage on Mac OS X in .JPG, .TIFF, .PNG image format. You can also choose to share your picture collage with friends and family via email or upload to Facebook and Flickr with the built-in functionality.

export out picture collage create photo collage make picture collage

Only 5 steps, then you can easily make photo collage on Mac with various effects. Making mac collage is not as hard as you may think. Make picture collage right now!

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