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How to Make Heart Collage? (Windows)


Make heart collage - When talking about picture collage, you may come up with a picture that many photos are placed in different shapes, like heart collage, circular collage. Do you know how to make heart photo collage? Yet, it is pretty simple with a collage creator which includes many photo collage templates. They allows people make any kind of photo collage, including collage in heart shape, grid photo collage, circular photo collage, free style photo collage.

You may wonder how to create collage in various collage templates. Or you want to know where to find a collage creator with many photo collage templates to make any collage you want. Here, I introduce you a nice picture collage creator - Collage Maker for Windows. . There are five photo collage templates provided, which are Free Style, Grid, Classic, Heart and Circular. Just in a few seconds, you can burn photos into collage in heart shape.

This tutorial provides a sample way of how to use Collage Maker and make heart collages.

Step1. Free download Collage Maker for Windows. And then install collage creator.

free download picture collage creator

Step2. Choose heart collage template

When run Collage Maker for Windows, click "Style" and you will find the provided photo collage templates are listed below the menu bar. Select the heart collage thumbnail. At the same time, there will be a heart collage shape in the main windows.

heart collage template

Step3. Import photos to the collage creator

Before you add photos to the heart collage, first you should import photos from your hard disk by clicking "add photo". To quickly select photos, you can press "Ctrl" + "A". Added photos are listed on the left in thumbnails.

photo list

At the bottom of window, you can see information about the heart collage you are making, such collage style (Current heart collage), collage size, the number of photo.

heart collage information

Step4. Drag and drop photo

Drag and drop the photos you want to make into heart collage to the main window. You can choose to add one by one. Or to one-click to fill photos into frames, you can click "Fill". Photos will be automatically placed in heart collage.

fill photo for heart collage

Step5. Put text on heart collage and change background

The picture collage creator allows to add text on the collage. So you can write texts on the heart collage. Tab "Text", and click "Add Text". There is a popup text box, just type the words and click "OK". It is available to set text font, background, shadow.

put text on heart collage

Fill heart collage background with color. You can also choose an image from your computer and set your heart collage background. Or use the style pattern as the heart collage background. Tab "Page" on the menu, and click the way you wish to change background.

change heart collage template

Step6. Save and share your heart collage.

The picture collage creator supports popular image formats, such as JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and PNG. It is great if you share the heart collage on your social websites, like Facebook and Flickr.

Now you see how to make a heart photo collage with the picture collage creator. If you like, you can also make collage in different shape, not only in heart shape, but Free Style, Grid, Classic and Circular.

free download picture collage creator

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