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How to Change Collage background (Mac)


Change collage background - If you are not familiar with the photo collage software - PicCollage, then you may not want to miss the tips about how to change collage background. It is a highlight feature to make a photo collage on Mac different from others photo collage software. You will find to change background for collage can be also a personalized way to make a photo collage on mac.

To better understand the following guide, you'd better download PicCollage and then install the photo collage software in your Mac book or Mac Mini. free try to make a collage

As the tutorial is specifically to teach how to change background for collage, so if you want to know the whole steps how to make a collage, you can visit here: How to Make a Collage on Mac

The photo collage software provides several ways to change background for collage. Now I will try one by one below to add background on collage. Click the button on the menu bar "Background" to load into background setting panel.

1. Use image as collage background

The photo collage software allows to use an image as the collage background. It is a unique way to make a photo collage on Mac more individual. Many well-designed wallpaper prepared for add background for collage. Or you can use your own image as the collage background by click "Use Other Image" to select a photo.

background for collage with image

2. Make collage background with style pattern

There are over 30 + gorgeous style patterns built-in the photo collage software designed to change background for collage. Just pick the one you like most to apply onto your collage.

background for collage with style pattern

3. Change collage background with color

The photo collage software let users change background for collage with their favorite color. Pick the color you wish to fill background for collage.

change collage background with color

4. Gradient for decorating background for collage

The photo collage software also supports gradient. First you need to choose two colors in the color boxes on the right side.
Tip: You can decide the gradient angle of the two colors by rotating the circle. Plus, it is up to your choice if or not "Linear" is available on collage.

background for collage with gradient

5. Transparent collage background

By choosing this option means you use the default setting background for collage. There is one thing you should know when you want a transparent background for collage, you need to save your collage in .png format.

change collage background with transparent

Above are the five ways to make collage background. Which one do you prefer when you make a photo collage on Mac? Try out yourself to find the perfect way when coming to make collage background.

Have a try at PicCollage free try to make a collage

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