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How to Make Circular Collage? (Windows)


Make circular collage - Making a collage for special occasions, celebrations and commemorations is a great idea. Is there any tool called circular collage maker, or others that can satisfy users specific needs to turn photo into kinds of shapes. Yes, with the photo collage program - Collage Maker for Windows, it is easy to mak free style collage, heart collage, free style collage, grid collage, and circular collage. Making collage in different shapes can be a funny job.

Here is a tutorial to show you how to make collage in circular shape with the photo collage program.

How to make circular collage?

Make sure you download and install Collage Maker free try photo collage program in your PC. And then launch the photo collage program to get started your circular collage making.

If you are a Mac user, you can go to PicCollage, a Mac collage maker and get a mac version for the photo collage program.

Step1. Choose circular collage template

On the top of the collage maker, there are five collage layouts under the style tab. Choose the thumbnail of circular collage and the main interface will appear a blank circular collage template.

choose circular collage template

The default number for making a photo collage is 20. You can order how many photos included in the circular collage by setting a number in the input box "set circular collage number".

Step2. Add photos to the photo collage program

Open your image document in the photo list on the left. Then drag and drop those photos you want to burn into circular collage. You can also click "Fill" to import photos a time.

import photos to photo collage program

Step3. Customize circular collage

First, add a text on the circular collage to add a wish or useful information about the collage. Click the text tab and type your words in the text box. Also, you can change text color, size, add shadow and more.

add text to circular collage

Second, the photo collage program enables to change collage background. So if you want to make a photo collage totally in your special way, click "Page" and choose a background style from the provided choices, including color, image, style pattern and transparent.

Here I make a photo collage in color background.

change circular collage background

Step4. Save and share your circular collage

Once you finish making your photo collage, you have options to export out in one the of the image formats, including TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP. You can use the circular collage as your computer's wallpaper. Besides, the photo collage program allows to print out your circular collage.

take a photo collage in circular style

This awesome photo collage program lets you make photo collages in a various shapes within a few minutes, and without any artistic or technical skill required. Now you can also make collage in circular shape or any other shape collage you like.

Download Collage Maker for Windows: download collage maker for windows

Download PicCollage:download PicCollage and make circular collage

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