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How to Make a Collage on Mac


Make a Collage on Mac - You may want to find a special yet easy way to sort out thousands of photos you took in the past few years. Have you ever want to make photo collages? Do you really think it is complex to make a collage in your Mac? Turning photos into photo collages would be cool. Here with PicCollage, a photo collage maker for Mac, you can find it is funny to make photo collages.

First of all, you need to download Mac collage software, then install it properly.

free try to make a collage

Below is the short tutorial to show you how to make a collage with the collage software running on Mac. If you are windows user, you can also get Collage Maker for Windows and make photo collages. Free trial for Windows

Step1. Choose a template to make a collage

Click and run the Mac collage software. First, you need to choose a template from the six built-in layouts, which means you can make a collage in Free Style, Grid, Classic, Focus, Shape, Irregular and Stitch..

choose a template to make a collage

Step2. Import photo to the photo collage maker for Mac

You can make a collage by dragging and dropping photos to frames one by one or select multiple photos a time to add on collage. To quickly place all the blank frames with photos, you can use the click the button "Random". You will find all frames are filled with photos randomly.

drag and drop photos to the Mac collage software

Step3. Customize photo collages with effects

The photo collage maker for Mac allows users to make a collage in a unique way by adding text, frame border, shadow. Also, you can change the collage background with color, image, or built-in style pattern.

Add text to collage:

add text on photo collage

Change collage background:

change collage background

Step4. Save and share photo collage

The final step to finishing making a collage is to export your photo collages. With the Mac collage software, you can save collage as image in .png, .jpg, .tiff. Or print out and put on your desk with a beautiful photo frame.

Is there any way easier than this to make a collage? You will love this Mac collage software when you receive the admiration from your friends and family after seeing your collage. Go and start to make a collage!

download PicCollage - photo collage maker for mac

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